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What are the benefits of speech therapy for anxious children?

I am a 31 year old female. I want to know what are the benefits of speech therapy for anxious children?

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Anxious children often speak to fast and therefore have speech difficulties. Addressing the anxiety with a psychological therapy and speech therapy will help this issue. The sooner this begins the better. You do not want this condition to become ingrained
Benefits are huge!!! If speech is the main issues, then anxiety is almost directly related to the speech itself. Be continuous and persistent with the treatment and monitor the anxiety. You will see it drop and the speech improve. Thank you for your question.
Thank you for your question at FADT. Speech therapy for anxiety maybe beneficial in the case that the child's anxiety is mainly induced when the child speaks. However, if the child's anxiety is triggered by numerous things and situations, then a more comprehensive approach is advised, including formal psychotherapy, and/or medications. I hope this helps, thank you! Dr. Dodd, MD.
Helps them with pronunciation and also reassures them by explaining each word and helping them repeat them.
Any child with speech difficulty deserves to get help to optimize their communication ability. For anxious children not a bad choice to have a speech and language evaluation with any suspicion of suboptimal speech, smart kids are good problem solvers so picking up a problem can be hard without a specific evaluation and any speech and language difficulty could certainly contribute to a child anxiety or difficulty resolving anxiety. Really no down side unless it is not covered by coverage, then I would generally say it is probably worth the investment in your kid. Best Wishes!!
Take a look at this link for benefits of speech therapy, one of which is reduced anxiety