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What are the side effects of anesthesia on children?

My 12 year old son needs his tonsils removed. What are the side effects of anesthesia on children?

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A 12 year old is a small adult. General anesthesia would have the same effects as on an adult.
There are no particular side effects to worry about. He may be sleepy immediately after, for some time. All anesthetics can be dangerous but that's why they are administered by anesthesiologist.

Boris Yaguda M.D.
Currently being studied vigorously. Single episodes of short duration cause no identifiable long-term effects. Sedation from medications can be expected.
A 12 yo boy after tonsillectomy will likely be mostly disoriented initially in recovery room. This should soon pass once he orients to the situation. Prior to the surgery you can assure him that he will wake up quickly in recovery room and that he will receive pain medicine to make him comfortable, which may make him feel goofy.
Usually older kids tolerate anesthesia well. Agitation, disorientation, and other complications are another matter.