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What are the signs of depression in males?

I think my 20 year old brother is depressed. What are the signs of depression in males?

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The signs and symptoms of depression are same in both genders male and female. Statistically, the only difference is that men usually don't come forward admitting their illness and are less likely to ask for help/treatment. In order to be diagnosed, the symptoms should be present for consecutively for the same two weeks period, most of the time almost everyday, and affect daily functioning representing the change from previous functioning. The symptoms include depressed mood, markedly diminished interest in all or almost all activities, significant weight loss or gain, decreased or increased sleep, Psychomotor restlessness or slowing, lack of energy or tiredness/fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, diminished ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness. In extremely severe depression suicidal thoughts may occur.
Not feeling like yourself, insomnia or oversleeping, not eating or mindlessly overeating, loss of sex drive, not enjoying things as usual, trouble concentrating, constipation, and never having the opposite of a week of tremendous energy, not needing much sleep, tons of ideas, in which case the diagnosis would be a form of bipolar rather than just depression.
This link should provide some clues to your question:,,20521449,00.html