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What can I do about my cracked tooth?

I am a 25 year old male. I cracked my tooth while chewing ice. What can I do about my cracked tooth?

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Get it fixed. Most likely a crown and quit chewing ice
Repair it at a dentist. And, of course, don’t chew ice on it, teeth are strong, but not that strong.

Sorry to hear about your cracked tooth. What can be done about a cracked tooth depends on how it is cracked and how it is bothering you. For example if it is only bothering you because you know about it then nothing may need to be done, but things can be done to notice it less.
If it is a front tooth and it is chipped a little then there is not a lot you can do at home. This would require going to a dentist and having him/her/other aesthetically fix the chip. This could involve a bonding, veneer, or crown.
If the crack goes into the center of the tooth (pulp chamber) then it is likely to be bothering you especially when you bite down and release. If this is the case then a root canal would be needed followed by any other treatment needed to fix the crack (crown, filling, core build up, etc).
If it is cracked between the roots; unfortunately, most of the time this requires removal (extraction) and replacement of the tooth. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
If a very small chip , maybe nothing or filling, more complicated cases maybe a veneer
A cracked tooth can only be treated by a dentist. Consult a general dentist or prosthodontist right away.
By fixed, I mean -- get it crowned to help hold the tooth together. and prevent decay getting to the nerve of your tooth.
There are many ways one can have a cracked tooth. It depends how far the crack has gone, where the crack is and if you are in pain or not. Some cracked teeth can not be saved. Some are very simply smoothed and don’t need anything else. Contact your dentist.
Cracked teeth are hard to treat sometimes. We can just crown the tooth, do a root canal and a crown, or sometimes we have to pull the tooth. It depends on how bad the tooth is cracked...
You would need an evaluation to see the extent of the damage. Depending on extent of crack the correct treatment can be recommended. Whether you need a crown or a filling.
It depends on how you cracked your tooth. If it’s just a small chip, then it might be able to be smoothed down or it may require a filling or a crown. If it’s a large cracked tooth it may require e root canal or even an extraction. My fecommendation is to have it evaluated bu a dentist.
If you only broke off a small piece, it may be able to be repaired with a filing. If you lost a significant part of the tooth, a crown would be the most reliable restoration.
If the tooth is savable, enough tooth still remains, then it should be crowned.


Bruce L. Elkind, DDS, PA
Simple. Call your dentist and let him or her perform a thorough examination, make the needed diagnosis and repair the tooth so no further damage will be done. Here is some very good advice for you. Use ice to cool down your beverages and don't chew it! If you don't heed this advice, you will break more teeth!
If you crack or chip a tooth, it is best to see a dentist to examine the tooth to determine the severity of it. An exam and X-rays may be required.
See a dentist for evaluation and to determine the level of fracture for appropriate treatment.