Psychiatrist Questions Fears

What can I do for my fears?

I feel like I anticipate accidents all the time, pretty much whenever I'm out. It is now becoming irritating for the people around me but I am unable to control this feeling. What can I do?

9 Answers

You need supportive psychotherapy.
You need cognitive therapy. This will teach you to confront your fears and will make them go away-really, with the hip of a cognitive therapist who knows what they are doing.
Seek help, meditate, yoga, make a worry appointment with yourself, so that's the time of day you write down your worries.
I recommend engaging in routine individual therapy to address this behavior rooted in anxiety as well as considering medication interventions that may allow you to be more comfortable addressing this issue in therapy.
You have a cognitive problem that is best handled by none other than yourself. It is best handled by slowly training your negative thought processes to be rejected and replaced by the more positive thoughts with something like “I’ll be fine.” If, over time, this proves to be ineffective, place a rubber and on your wrist and when the unwanted thoughts enter your mind, give the band a good pop and say to yourself, “NO!!! I will not listen you." This may or may not be subtle, whatever works for you. Good luck for you in dealing with this old, nagging problem.
I believe you need to get evaluated by a psychiatrist to make sure there is nothing wrong with you and the only thing you can change is yourself not others
Please go talk to a professional...recommend considering a complete evaluation with a psychiatrist who can best guide you on next steps from laboratory tests, to beginning therapy, to potential supplements or prescription medications. You can and will get better...Take care, Dr; Amy
I would recommend seeing a therapist that specializes in CBT.
It seems you are suffering from anxiety/phobias and need to be evaluated thoroughly and treated, if so severe it starts affecting you and others around you. Medication-therapy combination is an option and it's treatable.