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What can a neurologist do for neuropathy?

I am a 33 year old female. I want to know what can a neurologist do for neuropathy?

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Depends on the type of "neuropathy." That word is too vague to give specific advice, as it translates as "problem with nerve(s)." It would be best for your treatment and for your own education to know exactly what you or others mean by "neuropathy."
Unfortunately there isn't much that is proven to work.
There’s quite a bit of treatment options and seeing a specialist is the best way. Make sure you have all the information sent to your PMD.
Not much more than a good internal medicine doctor -- except to be CERTAIN it truly IS a neuropathy (I am assuming you are talking about CHRONIC neuropathies) and to rule out any "TREATABLE" CAUSES, like diabetes (somewhat treatable, but usually the most common neuropathy associated with diabetes is not very treatable), B12 and other vitamin deficiencies, toxins/heavy metals, auto-immune causes, rarely in certain malignancies (melanoma, amyloidosis, lung cancer, etc.), as well as a number of other, very rare disorders. "Idiopathic"(meaning unknown) is a final common "cause" of neuropathy.