Dentist Questions tooth pain

What can I do for severe tooth pain?

My tooth is really hurting me, and I don't know what I should do. I can't go to my dentist for at least two weeks since I'm out of state. What should I do?

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See a local dentist for an emergency visit. The reasons why a tooth hurts are so various and numerous that there isn't a single solution, we need to know the cause of the pain in order to resolve your issue.
i would suggest an urgent care just in case they can determine if you have infection and can Rx antibiotics and maybe limited pain pills till the antibiotic kicks in..if it is pain brought on by hot,cold.sweets...the tooth may be a live...find a dental office that uses silver diamine fluorid (SDF) and they can at lease desensitize it relatively quickly and cheaply
If you are not allergic to either preparation, a combination of two Advil along with two Tylenol, taken at the same time every 6 hours, will provide a tremendous amount of pain relief.
Find a dentist where you are. You may have an infection.
Oil of clove! Apply it to the area with a Q-tip few times a day as needed for pain.
I would recommend that you contact your dentist and let them know what is going on since they are familiar with your dental condition and may be able to call in a prescription if appropriate. You should consider visiting a local dentist to handle this emergency. It is possible that your dentist may even know another dentist in your area to refer you. Finally, recent studies have shown the combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen works better than either alone, but do not combine without talking to a physician or dentist first to verify that it is safe for you.
If it's really bothering you, go to the ER as it may be a sign of a severe infection. Make sure to follow up with your dentist when you get back.
Make an emergency visit with a dentist where you are to have that tooth treated right away. You could call your dentist long distance to get a referral and schedule an appointment as soon as you get back.
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If the pain is severe, it may be the beginning of an infection, and you should find a dentist to at least take a look at you and maybe get you some treatment and medications.

I would definitely call around for a dentist in your area.
You need to see a local dentist! Ask some people where ever you are visiting to help get you some names of competent dentists in that area. There is probably little you can do without a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. Get the emergency visit scheduled and follow up with your regular dentist when you return home.
I would go to Urgent care and get some antibiotics and start on some Ibuprofen as soon as possible. If you are travel by plane, the pressurized air can cause the infection to get worse or start moving. This can be very dangerous to your body.
Go to an emergency room or urgent care center. Either can provide antibiotics and pain medication.
You should at least see a dentist where you are & get an X-ray so they diagnose what's wrong. That way, if you need antibiotics, they can give you a prescription until you are back.