Pain Management Specialist Questions Chronic Pain

What can I do if I have chronic pain?

There is a pain in my elbow that simply won't go away. What can I do about my chronic pain? Should I see a doctor?

2 Answers

If there is a reason or disease which causes chronic pain, the best way to treat pain is to treat the disease. for example, if you have a fracture of your bone, once your bone is healed, your symptoms, in general, will go away. If you have a disease that is not treatable or removable, then treat the symptom. You need to talk to your doctor to find out what is the issue.
The elbow pain may come from both directions, can be from shoulder, or from wrist. The elbow itself has 2 joints , ulnohumeral and radiohumeral. The most common musculoskeletal condition that is encountered around the elbow is an overuse syndrome related to excessive wrist extension know as lateral epicondylosis, (Tennis Elbow) . You should see a doctor, at least find out what is wrong with your elbow pain and have a treatment pain.
Hope this will help you.