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What can I do to help my child understand why they need braces?

In her last dental appointment, it was mentioned that my daughter is going to need braces soon. She's already self-conscious about her teeth, so you can imagine her reaction. I've tried to explain to her that she's only going to need them for a little while and that there are plenty of teens her age with them already. She's still refusing to listen to me. Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable with the idea of braces?

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The idea of braces are very normal. We see patients of all ages that chooses to have them. Most of these patients are children in their teens. You can try telling your daughter that a handful of her classmates will have braces and that it is very common for children to have. You can also tell her that the earlier you start, the better. Plus, she will be rewarded with a beautiful smile! Braces are fun and you can choose your own colors.

Thank you for your question.
You need to relax and let your daughter enjoy her dilemma. Self-awareness and peer pressure is enough for any team to put up with besides the notion that if she doesn't want braces and you force her into the idea she'll be a terrible patient and you only wasted your money and possibly done damage to her teeth but her intransigence. Let her be the one who begs you for the braces. It will happen. It always does with girls.
Have the orthodontist explain it to her again. If she really doesn't agree, then better not to pursue because chances are she will not follow up and it can be harmful.
I would worry if they are not committed to the treatment they may not do what is required to avoid damage to the teeth by not brushing
I would tell her that, although it may not seem all that important, or necessary to her right now...beautiful teeth and a healthy bite will become more important and meaningful as youi get older....and she might as well take care of it now (get it behind her while she's still young), especially if her parents (you) are willing to pay for it!
The teeth/smile is one of the first things you notice about a person. Orthodontics is important not only for esthetics, but also for function!
Sometimes pictures are a tremendous help. You can find many examples on the internet. Do you think it might be helpful to show her before and after pictures of people who have had orthodontic treatment? There may be a reasonable solution for her with a treatment she might agree with, for example treatment with Invisalign. If you think that you can at least get her to see an Orthodontist for an evaluation, that Orthodontist can evaluate and assist you both in making sense of it all. Let the Orthodontist know about her concerns and encourage her not to be afraid to speak with them. I'm sure you know your daughter best. If you have the ability to select from a pool of doctors, try picking one that you think your daughter would like the most. Maybe call ahead and speak with the office or visit the office to see if you think your daughter would be comfortable there or not. If none of these options work, it may be a matter of waiting for her to mature a bit. We see many adults who willing seek out treatment that they may have avoided as a child.
Best wishes for your success with your daughter. :)