Dentist Questions tooth pain

What can I do with my tooth pain?

I'm 26 years old, and I've had pain in my tooth already for 5 days that comes and goes. What can I do? Should I see a doctor?

5 Answers

Definitely go see a dentist to find what is causing it. Could be just sensitivity due to gum recession, or could be a cavity. Waiting will only make it worse!
Probably should see a dentist.
Yes, of course you should go see a dentist. An X-ray would be taken to determine if you have any decay and if it is affecting the nerve in the tooth, and then options will be given for treatment. Questions will be asked as well (i.e., hot/cold sensitivity, do they wake you up at night, do you take over-the-counter meds to relieve the pain, etc.), so do it soon as you can, you do not want to get an abscess.
Yes, it sounds serious, go see a dentist.
See your dentist for an X-ray & diagnosis before it gets worse.