Dentist Questions tooth pain

What does throbbing tooth pain mean?

I am 32 years old, and I'm currently experiencing throbbing tooth pain. Could this be tooth decay or something similar to that? What could throbbing tooth pain mean?

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Many causes. Decay, gum problems of something fractured. It needs to be looked at along with an x-ray or two.
Usually throbbing tooth pain means that there is some kind of nerve involvement with the tooth. This could be decay(bacteria) has reached the pulp or a fracture into the pulp. In both situation, the tooth needs to be treated with either a root canal or extraction.
Throbbing dental pain can be a result of various things including having tooth decay, sensitivity to cold and pressure from biting, root recession, or more involved facial structures like your sinus or jaws. Always good to see a dentist for an evaluation of the pain.
Unfortunately throbbing tooth pain can mean a variety of things. It could be irritated from trauma, the opposing tooth hitting it the wrong way, cavity reaching the nerve of the tooth, fractured filling, exposed root surface, etc.
The worst of the possibilities would be an infection (abscess)
A spontaneous throbbing pain may be an indication of tooth decay that has irritated the underlying nerve within the tooth. It is in your best interest to consult with a licensed general dentist in your area.
Throbbing tooth pain is indicative of a tooth abscess caused by decay. You will need a root canal or an extraction to fix your problem

If your tooth is throbbing and is sensitive to hot/cold, it most likely means you have a large cavity in it that requires a root canal.

If you are experiencing throbbing tooth pain, you are experiencing a toothache. However, you would need to see your dentist so he/she could examine and take a radiograph to see if it is decay and restorable, requires a root canal (saves the tooth), or requires you to choose an extraction ((loses tooth). But if there is also swelling you could have an infection and should seek treatment immediately.

Ellen Harrison Finn
It sounds like you have an irreversible pulpitis. That's an inflammation of the contents of the pulp chamber. The chamber is in the middle of the tooth and houses the nerve and blood supply to the tooth. This generally occurs when a cavity reaches the pulp leading to infection in the chamber.May also be due to a fracture in the middle of tooth. Sometimes, the gum is inflamed and infected.Patient may feel the tooth is hurting. Need to get an X-ray and have the tooth checked.
I am sorry to hear about your pain. If it's constant pain, you should visit a dentist right away. It could be infection in the root which can be very serious for the entire body. If it pain brought on by cold, heat, biting, or sugar, this may mean that the tooth needs a filling or a crown which might solve the problem. However, depending on the issue, it may require root canal therapy.
Pain in Jaw/tooth/teeth can arise from several factors. Tooth decay is one of them. Radiographs/exam will be required to accurately diagnose.
Throbbing tooth pain can be caused by many factors. It is best to visit a dentist to evaluate the cause of the pain. Could be from deep decay, trauma to the tooth, sinus issues on the upper teeth, or systemic issues,
You will have pain. And if you want to take care of the pain then go to the dentist and find out what needs to be done.