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What caused my TMJ?

I am a 32-year-old male who was diagnosed with TMJ. My dentist said that it affects the way my jaws move. What caused my TMJ?

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If your jaws present with a symptomatic diagnosis, then you may want to see an oral medicine doctor or an oral surgeon to see if you require any treatment for better occlusion.
TMJ is a very vague description. There are many issues that can occur with your joint. If you are speaking about grinding or clenching that is a neurological response which is often aggravated by stress or events in your life which cannot be controlled. Other times problems with you or joint are we related structurally is everybody is designed a little differently. Most often these type of problems can be managed with medication or an appliance
Multiple potential reasons all which are not important at this point. Goal should be to protect from additional damage in the future to preserve your level of function.
Several types of appliances can be made to protect your TMJ and stop the damage from continuing. These appliances are usually worn at night and protect the TMJ from receiving excessive pressure and destructive movements. They are relatively easy to wear and work quite well to alleviate any pain or muscle spasms that often occur with TMJ disorders.