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What causes bone pain in the foot?

I am a 40 year old male. I have bone pain in my foot. What causes bone pain in the foot?

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Can be the start of a stress fracture can cause bone pain. What happens is when there is increased pressure or strain to the area it causes swelling inside the bone and thats what causes the pain. Need to go into a good pair of shoes or walking boot and see someone for this. Some stress fractures when they are seen need surgery to fix.
Many different things can cause that. You need to be examined.
With my 15 years of experience I can tell you that 99.9% of patients do not know what is causing the pain in a particular body part. You are making an assumption that you are having "bone" pain, but it could be a multitude of other etiologies that could be causing your pain. You need to see a doctor for a proper evaluation. For the most part, what causes "bone" pain in the body is a fracture (broken bone), but I assume you would know if you had trauma to your foot, and you wouldn't be asking this question, so chances are, it's not "bone" pain.
It is very important to know if there is a specific areas of the foot where the pain is or is it all over the foot in all the bones. Bone pain can be due to many causes. For example, acute gouty flare is mainly in and around the big toe and its base. Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis also causes bone pain, but it could be more generalized or just to a specific area of the foot where arthritis is present. Fractures or bone contusions/bruises cause bone pain. It is important that you are examined and evaluated to determine exactly what causes your bone pain, since bone pain can have many causes.
Pain in the Foot can be related to a bone issue or soft tissues. X-rays and a physical exam by an Orthopedic Foot/Ankle specialist can diagnose what is causing the problem and the treatment options to resolve the pain.
Arthritis, stress fracturing, and fasciatis.
It is usually biomechancs of your foot. It may be even that your fat pad is diminishing or a tendonitis. There are multiple conservative options that work very well.
Go get an MRI
This is a type of question that cannot be answered as it's way too vague about bone pain in the foot. Please check with a local foot and ankle surgeon to have X-rays taken and they can evaluate what is going on in the foot.
The pain could be anywhere from micro fracture, contusion, tumor, soft tissue strain, periosteal reaction, rheumatological issues, to medication reasons. X-ray will rule out some of these diagnosis. Examination will likely clue us on any soft tissue abnormalities. A good history will clue us in some of the causes. Timing of the pain, duration, intensity, and quality all are important factors in determining the cause. Even hereditary factors need to be investigated. Unfortunately not an easy answer.
There are many things that cause bone pain in your foot. If you have had a trauma, a fracture or contusion may cause bone pain. Arthritis may cause pain in the bones and joints of the feet. A bone tumor or cyst could cause pain in the bones of the feet. There are also many muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the foot, along with nerves and blood vessels. The foot and ankle are exceptionally complicated structures. It is impossible to answer such a generalized question, but you should see a specialist for further evaluation.
Foot pain can have multiple causes. It can be an overuse injury or related to faulty mechanics of the foot and leg or multiple other causes. I recommend you be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) to determine the cause of your pain and the appropriate treatment
Bone pain may be due to irritation from pull on the lining of the bone, called the periosteum. Pain may also be due to stress fractures to the bone. An examination of the area of pain and xrays would be a start to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.