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What causes manic depression?

I am a 30 year old female and I think I have manic depression. I have feelings of such intense sadness and emptiness. What causes manic depression?

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You may have major depression and/or a personality problem. Unless you have had at least four days of the complete opposite, you are not bipolar.
Most probably this is genetic
I wish that there was an easy answer to why you are experiencing such sadness and emptiness. No two people are alike, and so that’s why it’s important to see a Psychiatrist who does comprehensive evaluation and treatment from a Bio-Psychosocial-Developmental perspective. Analyzing all of these factors will allow the Doctor to sort out which factors from all of these aspects of your life are driving your present feeling state. You may not have manic depression. It’s best to get a thorough evaluation by a well educated MD Psychiatrist who can put the whole picture together for you and design a treatment plan that fits your unique situation.

Debra A. Hill, M.D.
There does not appear to be clear answer to your question. One clear cause is genetic, but this represents less than 50% of causes. Other causes are speculative. It does seem clear that you are in need of professional help.
Bipolar is genetic. Jack L. Underwood, M.D.
I would suggest you seek out a complete evaluation by a qualified mental health professional if you think you may have bipolar illness. The only way to know with certainty what is causing the symptoms you've shared is to have someone do an evaluation, which will include but not be limited to: looking closely at all of your symptoms, your family history of mental illness, as well as current stressors affecting you. I would reach out to someone as soon as possible.
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