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Why do I have spotting in the 3rd month of my pregnancy?

I am in my 3rd month of pregnancy and suddenly I am experiencing some spotting. Is spotting okay in the 3rd month or is it a warning sign of something serious?

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This is mostly benign, transient and self limiting. That said, any type of vaginal spotting should be brought to the attention of your OBGYN immediately.
Do not worry, most of the time it is normal. Just avoid sexual activity and if it continues to increase, you should get a sonogram to be on the safe side.
See gynecologist who may order pelvic sonogram and have pelvic exam done
I can’t say for sure - but there are many reasons why a woman can spot during pregnancy. Some are very benign, not worrisome, others can be dangerous. More common causes are things like ‘cervical friability’ - a condition where the cells on the inside of the cervix (the glandular cells) are just more prone to bleed and can do so after sex; sometimes things like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis can cause spotting; or cervical polyps can also cause. These things are not dangerous. More worrisome causes include placenta previa or a miscarriages.
A more thorough evaluation with an exam and a sonogram is needed to determine the cause more precisely.
If the spotting is not associated with cramping, it is unlikely that it worrisome. It is still recommended that you get in touch with your doctor and discuss this.
Take care!
Spotting can be implantation bleeding which can be normal, however you should check this out immediately with your medical provider to make sure all is well.


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Please discuss with your OB provider.
It may not be OK. The best way your provider of prenatal care could be sure is by doing a speculum examination and obtain a sonogram of the pregnancy.