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What happens if a baby tooth doesn't fall out?

My baby is 5 years old. I want to know what happens if a baby tooth doesn't fall out?

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5 is pretty young to be concerned with a tooth not falling out. Your dentist can give you more information based on an xray. The tooth may not fall out if the replacement is missing or if the permanent tooth is not in the correct position.
Usually means that an adult tooth isn't there.
If may get lodged in the gum and create an underbite in the permanent dentition, I would suggest your pediatric dentist to evaluate it and possibly extracted if it hasn’t fallen out by then
We need to find out why it is not lost. Usually, the two lower front ones are lost at age 6 - these are the first ones to be lost. See a dentist in order to have your child examined and have all your questions and concerns answered.
Your 5 yo is no longer a baby!!! The average for losing the first 'baby' tooth is 6, females earlier than males, and black, then white, then Asian as a generality; so, an Asian male may be 7 1/2 while an African-American girl might be 4 1/2. Unless the permanent tooth erupts behind or off line from the baby, it will come out; if not, the dentist can always 'help' it out.

Baby teeth do not usually start falling out (exfoliating) until near age 6 (it could even be a little later). At this point children usually have at least a couple exams with a dentist, and the ones that are loose and ready to fall out will be noted. If at this point a child does not start getting loose baby teeth (they have to get loose before they fall out) then the doctor can examine and figure out why they are not getting loose.
One of the reason for them not getting loose is simply because the adult tooth has not erupted (grown in enough) or the adult tooth is not coming in directly under the baby tooth. If the adult tooth has not come in enough, then most of the time just waiting is the correct solution. If the adult tooth is not under the baby tooth (lower front teeth can sometimes come in behind the baby teeth) then sometimes the baby teeth need to be extracted (this is rare though).
Finally, baby teeth may not get loose if there is no tooth behind it. If the adult tooth is missing, then the baby tooth may stay in that place. There are plenty of adults walking around each day with a baby tooth still in place.
All these possibilities are good reasons why continual check-ups by a dentist help greatly. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
At age 5, there is no concern if a baby tooth has not come out yet. It will likely come out when it is its time.