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What happens if your brace breaks?

I am a 19 year old male and my brace broke yesterday. What happens if your brace breaks?

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Always call your orthodontist to report it. It takes extra time to repair it, but does not require an immediate appointment if you're not in pain.
Call your orthodontist and have it repaired.
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It happens for various reasons, but you want to get you braces repaired ASAP or things start going wrong and you delay finishing. Your informed consent sheet given you at the beginning of treatment will advise you concerning problems you might encounter with braces. Get it fixed!
Call your orthodontist. A loose bracket is not considered a dire emergency right now. And it depends of what is broken and where. The new policies in place because of Coronavirus are made to protect everyone. That being said, see if your orthodontist offers virtual appointments or can go over with you via video chat.
Have your orthodontist remove the loose brace!
It can lacerate your gums and the movement of your teeth are not going to be as effective as they should with a fixed bracket
Contact your orthodontist to have it fixed. Even in the quarantine, there should be emergency services.
You are probably fine in the short term but the tooth may start to move back to its original position. You should call your doctor's office for direction
Contact your orthodontist and it can easily be recemented. That happens quite often.
My guess is that you had a wire retainer bonded to the back of your teeth. If that breaks, the best thing would be to visit the orthodontist as soon as you can. Sometimes it can be sharp or irritating and long term, it can cause your teeth to begin to shift.

Marc D. Thomas, DDS

Not too much. If, the area is sharp cover it with dental wax that should have been given to you and call your dental office.
Just remove it put some wax on sharp areas and see your orthodontist