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What happens when you don't drink water after adjustment?

After an adjustment, my chiropractor told me that I have to drink water. Why do you need to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment? What happens if I don't?

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Water helps facilitate healing and detoxification which is common after adjustments. If you don’t drink water it can slow the healing process.
There are lots of common things that your chiropractor will discuss with you that supports the other recommendations in your care plan. Basically, these sorts of things (like hydration) can help you get better faster and stay better for longer from visit to visit. Drinking extra water after spinal manipulation or soft tissue work (like a massage or deep stretch) can minimize soreness, help with pain and inflammation. If you don’t follow your doctor’s recommendations or just forget from time it is perfectly fine, just know that you may not get the outcomes that they are expecting at least not on the same time line.
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You could get sore
Most everyone needs to be drinking more water. It is rare that a person adequately moves water through their body. It is needed for a multitude of physiological reasons. If you don't intake liquid, your body conserves and essentially the body system gets overwhelmed with toxicity from your body's operational systems. Now to the question about why you body needs water after a chiropractic treatment. It's something easy for a massage therapist or chiropractor to say to you, but I simply think that is all it is about. Something to say at best that sounds good. They could say keep breathing, but that would be too obvious. I could certainly be proved wrong, so show me the evidence or some good substantial research on it. Anyway keep on drinking more water, whether you get an adjustment or not. You probably just need to.
It's always good to drink water after a massage, chiropractic, or workout to hydrate the body and flush and lactic acid that has formed during treatment or workout. Nothing bad will happen, but you may have more soreness if you don't. It's more of a standard thing we say for post-adjustment instructions.
Nothing will happen if you don't drink water. That is not necessary, but it will certainly help your body be healthier. This advice is more important after a massage, when actual soft tissue is being broken down for over an hour and needs the extra water to help flush toxins out of the system. I suppose this could apply to chiropractic also, but it is not mandatory!

Muscle reaction after an adjustment coupled with increased blood flow causes a release of lactic acid into your system that can create soreness similar to exercising. Drinking a lot of water flushes the acid out, therefore reducing the possibility of sores.

Water helps in hydration of all tissues, improving healing
Drinking lots of water helps the body to flush toxins and heal faster, especially after an adjustment.