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What is a home remedy for tooth pain?

My 6 year old has tooth and gum pain. What is a home remedy for tooth pain?

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It will be the best for your son to see a dentist to diagnose him easily. During his visit to the dentist, you can ask the doctor what home remedy he/she recommends that will fit the oral findings. There are different home remedies like warm salt water, clove oil, dIluted Hydrogen Peroxide, garlic, and tea bags, but we do not recommend any of them without your provider/dentist consultation.
Temporarily any pain medicine you normally use. Tooth pain cannot be permanently treated without the help of a dentist. If the tooth stops hurting the nerve may have died, which means an infection in the bone harming the permanent tooth underneath or worse.
Systemic over the counter pain medication is most effective for tooth pain. Ambesol or Oragel can have some mild numbing effect on soft tissue pain. Be careful though. Pain is a warning. It is best to see a dentist to find out the source of the pain.
Depends on the source of pain but generally Tylenol or Motrin can help.
This would depend on how severe the tooth pain is. Mild tooth pain from loosening baby teeth or new teeth coming in may only need topical anesthetic like Oragel, liquid Motrin, or ice application (ice pops, popsicles, etc...). Anything more painful than that and you should seek professional help from your dentist.
I would have to know which tooth it is and what is causing the pain. Is it decay/is it a new tooth coming in? If one of his first molars is erupting behind one of the baby second molars, then a product like Ambesol put on the gum can relieve the pain during the eruption process. If you do not know the cause, it is dangerous not to have a trained professional handle the problem.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD

The first step is to find out the cause so making an appointment with a Pedodontist should be the first step.
A visit to your dentist is the best option.
Tooth pain does not go away on its own in most cases. Please see your dentist about your concerns.
It is probable that the tooth and gum pain may be related to newly erupting molars or loose baby teeth that are close to falling out. To reduce pain you can always give Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Alternatively, cold things such as ice cream and popsicles can help the area feel better. Usually the "teething" pain will linger until the molar fully come in or the baby teeth fall out.

Marc D. Thomas, DDS