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What is the best treatment for varicose veins?

I'm 35 years old, and I have varicose veins on my legs that aren't very appealing. What's the best treatment for to get rid of them?

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We typically start with compression socks and leg elevation. Other options is simple procedure to get rid of the problem vein and remove the ones you see in the leg
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There are several treatments for varicose veins, to best customize them for you personally, detailed venous sonogram “venous mapping” needs to be performed first. This sonogram will assess how well or bad your veins (deep and superficial) work, how small or large your superficial veins are, not only the ones you see and don’t like the way they look but other veins that bring blood to the ones you want to get rid of. Based on venous mapping results and physical examination, treatment plan will be developed which may include thermal or chemical ablation of main superficial veins and surgical excision or chemical ablation (foam sclerotherapy or esthetic sclerotherapy) of varicose veins you see and want to eliminate. I am a vein vascular specialist and would be happy to provide consultation for your veins. Feel free to call my office 718-438-3800 to make an appointment.

Natalie Marks, MD
There are many treatment options for varicose and spider veins available now. Please see a vascular surgeon for evaluation and discussion of treatment options including possible ablation, phlebectomy (removal of varicose veins), and sclerotherapy (injection of apider veins)
There are many excellent solutions for varicose vein treatments currently and more on the horizon. The more commonly used minimally invasive techniques include catheter ablations using heat, chemical ablations using sclerosants (medicines), technologies that use combinations of these, and a medical glue. These procedures all work to close the varicose veins in your legs without removing the veins so there are no scars or surgery. The veins go from hoses that carry blood in the them (very ineffectively) to threads eventually that are not detected on the surface of your skin. The blood flow out of your legs is maintained in perfect condition by your deep veins as the varicosities are in your superficial system. Check with an accredited vein center or a board certified vein specialist for the option that is best for you.

KathyLee Santangelo, MD