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What is the best type of facelift procedure?

I'm 35 and I would like to get a facelift procedure because I can see that my skin is starting to age. Which facelift procedure is the best?

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Great question. Although an in person consultation is best, a short scar facelift will make a nice change to the face.
In person or a virtual consultation would be needed to confirm my advice, however at your age, a mini facelift would be the best option. My favorite technique is the MACS short scar Mini-Facelift. Developed in Europe, it is the ideal approach for the younger patient, not ready for a full facelift, or patients who desire a less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery time. It addresses both the mid face area (especially the jowls) as well as the neck, if needed. Call anytime for a virtual consultation to further discuss this matter if you so desire. Good luck.
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Sometimes, you actually do not need surgery. There are many lifting procedures as well as volumizers that can improve the look without the knife.
PDO threads of different types can improve your looks inexpensively and without any downtime. Of course there are dermal fillers, and PRP to provide volume and improve skin quality.
There's not a one size fits all facelift "type." Many factors are considered to deliver you the safest and most desirable outcome you're after. It's always best to have these discussions in the presence of a doctor who can see and touch your skin first hand and properly advise the beset course of treatment.
At your age, the procedure may be more minimal. Have a conversation with your surgeon if this applies to you, and if so, have him tell you what is involved and what you can expect.