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What is the best way to eliminate foot odor?

I'm 21, and my feet smell really bad--particularly when I take off my boots. What is the best way to fight this?

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Let's start with the basics. It is important to keep the feet clean daily by washing them with antibacterial soap. Change your socks daily. Have 2 pairs of boots to be alternated. It takes 24 hours for the leather upper in a boot to try so it is important to alternate your boots. If your feet have a tendency to sweat, apply a antiperspirant to the bottom of your feet daily. Make sure it is not a deodorant, it needs to be antiperspirant to decrease sweating.
Finally, and occasional vinegar foot bath: soaking feet every other day in 2 cups of vinegar and enough water to cover your feet, helps kill bacteria on the feet that causes odor.
Thank you for the question. You are suffering from a condition called hyperhydrosis which means over active sweat glands on the bottom of your feet. Excessive sweat creates an environment for fungus and bacteria to flourish which causes the malodor. I recommend epsom salt soaks, OTC antifungal spray and powder, certain dry (OTC product to combat excessive sweating) and to spray your shoes with lysol once a week. I wish you the best of luck. Again, thank you for your inquiry.
Most foot odor comes from excessive sweating. The simplest way to try and reduce that is to use a roll on deodorant on the bottom of both feet each evening before you go to sleep this will help reduce it. Also, be sure you do not use the same pair of shoes each day alternate shoes.
Foot odor is usually caused by fungus. FUngus likes to live in warm, moist environments. Make sure you apply powder to your shoes to eliminate moisture. If your feet sweat excessively, you can apply a roll-on anti-perspirant at night to reduce the amount that you sweat. Also consider purchasing a topical antifungal cream to apply to your feet after you shower to eradicate any fungus on your skin (athlete's foot).
Formalin 10% in rose water. Dab on with a cotton ball once a day
Soak your feet daily in warm tea. Tea contains tannic acid which acts as an astringent and antibacterial. The acid would create an unfriendly environment for bacteria, while it also possibly acted as an astringent (contracts body tissues therefore sweat glands.)
You will need…
-5 bags of black tea
-4 cups of hot water
-Something to soak your feet in

Pour 4 cups of very hot or boiling water into your foot basin, and add 5 bags of black tea. Allow them to steep for 10 minutes, and then soak your feet for 20. Do this once a day, drying your feet thoroughly afterwards.
Additionally, use an antiperspirant spray containing aluminum chlorohydrate on a daily basis.
To reduce odor, it is important to reduce moisture. I have found using an over-the-counter antiperspirant and sometimes reduce moisture, which will also reduce odor.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM
Powder in shoes, gel underarm antiperspirant/deodorant on bottom of feet. If problem continues Epsom salt soaks or black tea. If still a problem, there is a bacterial infection that needs to be treated.

Change your socks half way through the day. Try Drysol OTC. It's an antiperspirant for your feet.

Dr. Lui
Probably due to a fungal infection/athletes foot:

- Spray your shoes with Lysol every other week (make sure they are dry before wearing them)
- Use a nightly athletes foot cream on your feet (lamisil is a good option)
- Change socks midday if you notice your feet sweat a lot
Most often the smell is secondary to a fungal infection, which may be due to the moisture that accumulates in the boot. I would start by applying anti fungal powder to the shoes to reduce moisture accumulation.
There are prescription strength topicals that can be applied to the feet to control moisture also.
People laugh when I say this, but try deodorant. I usually tell people to buy one separate and use it on your feet. If this does not work, see a doctor about hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet). There are prescription creams that work great. There are obviously also OTC deodorizing foot powders you could also give a go.
Foot odor usually occurs due to excessive perspiration of the feet. I recommend you make a better effort to keep the feet dry, especially between the toes. You can also try powder on your feet and in your shoes. Use a powder with corn starch in it. Change your socks in the middle of the day as well. If you continue to have a problem, I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist)
You most likely have sweaty feet, hyperhidrosis, or a fungal infection and or secondary bacterial infection. You can treat your shoes with an anti-fungal spray daily and see your doc about your feet
Foot odor is caused by bacteria and fungus. These problems are exacerbated by sweat. Spray your shoes with Lysol at least once a week and allow them to dry before wearing again. Treat any athlete's foot or fungal infections. Change your socks twice a day to eliminate sweat. Treat toenail fungus, if present. There are also over the counter treatments for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), like Certain Dry that you can use to try to decrease the amount of sweating that increases these bacterial and fungal counts
Foot odor is mainly due to the presence of fungus or bacteria. The buildup of fungus and bacteria is caused mainly due to hot moist environment produced from closed toe shoes, boots, etc. There are a few ways to eliminate bacteria on the feet that could be causing odor.

1. Vinegar Soak: (1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water)
2. Applying antiperspirants, such as over the counter spray on deodorant antiperspirant.
3. If antiperspirant spray do not work, then ask your doctor for prescription antiperspirants (Drysol) to the feet before bedtime.
4. A more natural way would be to soak your feet in tea. Remove the bags and dilute the tea with a bowl of warm water. Let the mixture cool, then soak for 30 minutes daily. The tannic acid in strong black tea is known to remove bacterial buildup and reduce sweating as well.