Psychiatrist Questions Disturbing thoughts

What is causing my disturbing thoughts?

I've been having disturbing thoughts lately about, mainly about harming others. Not seriously harming, just minor and clearly from anger. It occurs a few times a day, and has been getting progressively worse. What can be the cause? Should I see a doctor?

4 Answers

See psychiatrist for treatment. Most likely it's OCD, rather common thoughts. Also see therapist that specializing on OCD treatment. Good luck!

Focus yourself on being good whenever this happens and either go see a therapist or make sure you don’t act upon that. Know it is very wrong and everyone suffers, even you! Learn to not feel sorry for yourself and not to take things so personal.
Yes, see a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Make sure that you have a medical work-up first if you haven't done it already. If all is normal, then see a psychiatrist and a psychologist to work through those thoughts and understand where they are coming from.
One link that may provide some insight into your question is:

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Consider seeing an MH professional to deal with this increasing problem.