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What is the safest dental filling?

I need to have a dental filling, and I heard that there are a few types of fillings you can have. Which one is the safest?

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Unfortunately "safe" is a broad term. It depends on what you mean by safe-- are you asking about the safest material to use? or the safest way to have a filling placed- such a with dental anesthesia, with dental numbing, without dental numbing? It would really depend on a review of your medical and dental history to adequately determine the safest material to use for you.
All of the available dental fillings materials are safe. Each on has some draw backs, some are more esthetic than others. Gold is the strongest, Porcelain is the hardest, Composite resin is esthetic, and siiver amalgam is functional.
It really depends on how deep the cavity is and how large a surface is affected by decay. For the most part, white composite filling is the restorations of choice. It’s esthetically please and can be used in the most conservative of restoration. It is color matched to be relatively unnoticeable in the mouth. It is also safer to use than amalgam fillings which are made up partially with mercury.
Best restorations ever made. Inexpensive, long lasting, and excellent! You got it all.
Your dentist will recommend a safe filling. Properly done, all fillings are safe.