Dentist Questions Wisdom Teeth

What is the best way to remove my wisdom teeth?

I am a 21 year old and I need my wisdom teeth removed. What is the best way to remove my wisdom teeth?

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Glad to hear you are getting the care you need. However, there are a number of variables to this question. Hopefully I can provide some insight. Wisdom teeth tend to be impacted but some are impacted worse than others. Some people do not have all 4 wisdom teeth (sometimes one or all of them can be missing). Then you have the option of being awake or put to sleep (general anesthesia) during the procedure. If you have all 4 wisdom teeth and they are impacted and you want to get them taken out at the same time to have it over and done with, then you should really consider being put to sleep for the procedure. You will wake up and through the next few days have some soreness, but it is over. If you are going to do 2 at a time, then you may not want to be put to sleep as it is less invasive and you don't have to do it twice. If it is only the top 2, then they tend to be easier and you might not need to be put to sleep at all.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
With a board certified OMFS under IV sedation.
Hello, please consult your dentist or oral surgeon to understand the best method of extracting your wisdom teeth. Your provider would exam your teeth and your x-rays to understand the angle your wisdom teeth are growing and how it is impacting your bite and other teeth. Thank you for your question.
With an oral surgeon and IV sedation is usually the nicest way to do it.
Go to an oral surgeon who can get them out quickly and efficiently with minimal pain.