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What is the success rate of spinal fusion surgery?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know what is the success rate of spinal fusion surgery?

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Depends on what your measure of success is. If my patients are 70-80% better in terms of pain and function, then we have succeeded in meeting the literature averages for outcome measures. Others look at the bone growing in the fusion areas on x-rays as a radiological measure of success. You sound a bit young to need a fusion. Always get a second opinion first. There may be other options to try prior to fusion.
Spinal fusion surgeries are virtually 100% successful - meaning - the surgeon is always able to accomplish the purpose of the surgery, which is to re-align and stabilize vertebra upon vertebra. Particulars are very important - 1 - where - 2 - which vertebrae 3 - how many vertebrae - 4 - - - and more - - - the surgical team can and will re-align and fixate - - - then recovery is critically important - to achieve muscle flexibility - strength - equal balance - -