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What should I do if my braces are too tight?

My braces seem like they are way too tight, and it's causing me a lot of discomfort. Do I need to go back to my orthodontist to loosen them?

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Sorry to hear that you are experience this, tightness can be a part of the process. If you feel it is excessive then the best thing to do would be to call the orthodontist and have them evaluate you.
Hello, braces often feel tight because they are moving the teeth. However, if you are experiencing that much discomfort then I would advise you to visit your Orthodontist. Thank you for your question.
Anytime your braces are adjusted, they will feel tight. That just means there is pressure om the teeth so they will move. After a few days the pressure will lessen as the teeth move into place.
Just be patient and take some pain reliever. After 2-3 days the discomfort will subside. You can't really loosen them. Even if you could you probably don't want anyone working in there while the teeth are so tender.
That's a hard question to answer as to know if braces are way too tight. It's not uncommon to have some when braces are placed and adjusted monthly. But yes, I would go back and ask your orthodontist that question, that's what he is there for.
When you get your braces tightened they will cause you to have some pain. over the course of about a month or month-and-a-half then the teeth move and you start losing the discomfort. That is how orthodontic appliances work. they put them on you they hurt like the devil sometimes but after a while everything loosens up and everything usually does not have a problem. Just remember once they put them on they hurt for a little while and then they leave you alone for a while until they want to come in and tighten them up again.
Generally, patient complaints about tightness of the braces are due to the wire size being little too big. This occasionally happens, even to the best of us. You probably need the wire downgraded to the next lower size. This discomfort usually disappears within 48-72 hours. If you can wait that long the discomfort should diminish. If you don’t want to wait it out, return to your orthodontist for a wire adjustment.
Braces feeling tight after an adjustment is normal. Forces must be applied to teeth in order for them to move. This discomfort should be relieved with a simple OTC analgesic (advil, tylenol, etc.) The tightness should relax over a few days.
This is a common occurrence, certain orthodontic wires may cause this. Ask your orthodontist to determine if you might be grinding your teeth. This can lead to severe discomfort as well.
Discomfort is generally normal with braces for the first few days after your adjustment. If the discomfort continues after a week call your orthodontist.