Emergency Physician Questions Asthma

What should I do if my daughter has an asthma attack?

My daughter has asthma, and I'm worried about what would happen if she would have an asthma attack while I'm not around. What are the emergency steps for an asthma attack? How can I make sure that, when she's at school or at her friend's, she would be safe?

2 Answers

Review an asthma action plan with your Doctor, a rescue bronchodilator inhaler may be helpful to use when needed.
Asthma attacks can occur anytime without warning It can be scary. These are the steps:

1. Make sure she is under the care of a physician.
2. Be sure she never runs out of her medications ( inhalers)
3. She must have the inhalers within her reach at all times.
4. Educate her about how to recognize early symptoms of asthma and how to get help, including 911
5. Take her to ER after hours.
6. Get help early rather than late.

Hope this helps.