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What should I do if my dentures feel loose?

My dentures feel loose, and I think I definitely need them adjusted or get new ones. I've had dentures for the past five years, and this is really the first time my dentures have felt like this. What should I do?

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You should visit your regular dentist and have what's called a reline done. Over the years, gum tissue shrinks after the teeth are removed and the denture has to have acrylic added to it for them to fit the new shape of the gum tissues. It's common for people to have this done every 3-10 years.
Go to the dentist.
Get a denture realign, probably.
You have to see a dentist. The dentist will price the denture condition and will decide to repair it (if it's possible, he will make an adjustment or reline) or make new dentures.
Dentures need to be relined every 3 to 5 years on average. Your body changes but the dentures do not. This leads to gaps and retention problems over time. A reline re-fits the denture to your gums and generally will tighten them.
Usually, after wearing the denture for a while the tissue and bone supporting the denture have some remodeling, called resorption making the denture feel loose. That requires adding some more denture acrylic material inside the denture to make it closely fitting to the tissue. In some cases, it may be necessary to use some dental implants to make the dentures more stable. Only the dentist can determine what needs to be done to make the denture fits better, by relining the one you have, making a new one or using dental implants to improve the stability of your denture!
Once a year is recommended to visit the dentist when you have dentures to make sure all is fine. You have had those for about 5 years. If they still look good, teeth are not worn down then they just need to be relined. If they are not in good shape, it’s time for new ones.
I would recommend visiting your dentist and seeing if you are ready to reline your dentures. There are many factors in determining if you are ready for a reline, such as: Do you wear your dentures at night? Were they immediate placement dentures? Your dentist is the best source of information for this.
Go back to your Dentist. He will decide if you need adjustments or Relines.
Visit your dentist. They can reline your dentures for you. Sometimes due to severe ridge resorption it’s hard to have a retentive denture. In that case, use of dentures paste is recommended. If you can afford and are medically okay to receive dental implants, you would benefit to get a few implants and support your dentures with implants.
You may need a denture reline instead of new dentures. Over time, there can be mild bone loss or tissue changes causing dentures to not fit as well. Your dentist can take an impression using your dentures as the “tray” and have a lab line the denture with more pink acrylic for a tighter fit. It can take as little as 24 hours and you cannot even tell a difference on the appearance of the dentures.
Due to changes in the shape of our mouths over time, most dentures need to be relined (the tissue side resurfaced to fit your mouth better) every 3 or so years. The more time past since the teeth were extracted, and the better the dentures fit, the slower the shape of the mouth changes.
Contact a dentist for an evaluation and talk about treatment options to help alleviate this. It could be a simple adjustment or reline the dentures.
Dentures do not apply forces to the bone as normal teeth do. Once the teeth are pulled, the lack of force leads to lack of pressure in bone stimulating bone growth. The bone will slowly recede over time. There is a procedure called relineing in which material is added to the existing denture to fit the ridges at their new bony level. This typically needs to be completed every 3-5 years.
Dentures should be reevaluated for proper fit every year when you go to your dentist for your oral cancer examination. With excessive gain or loss of weight, the fit will change. The material also wears and changes with time. Your dentures may need a reline or replacement.
Have a dentist take a look and possibly just a reline would be enough to extend the life of the denture
As bone resorbs, denture will become loose. As dentures becomes loose, we either do a reline, a rebase or fabricate new dentures. Also, consider implant-retained or implant-supported dentures if you want more secure dentures or fixed dentures solution.
It is loose because your upper and lower jaws are changing. All you need to do is reline the dentures and it will fit like new.
It sounds to me that this denture needs an adjustment and some degree of repair. The mouth does change a bit over time. There are several possible solutions to this problem but you need to have a dentist look at the situation.
One solution may be to re-line the denture. This involves placing an acrylic reline material in the denture and allowing it to set in the mouth. This will allow the denture to re-conform to the mouth. The second option is to re-base the denture. This is a rebuilding of the base of the denture.It is more involved and restores the denture base and flanges to a custom fit. The third choice is to fabricate a new denture. Since you state that your denture is about five years old, it may need replacing if it is too worn or has been repaired. If you have dental insurance they may authorize that they may pay for the replacement.
Options are:

1. See dentist and get evaluated.
2. Options adjustment, reline, or new dentures.

Your jaw bone, soft tissue, and muscles change over time. Talk to your dentist about implant/support over denture, use implants to keep the denture stable.
You should visit your treating dentist who can do chair relining and evaluate you if you need new dentures. Losing weight or aging can cause bone to get smaller, it is called atrophy.
The best bet is probably to see your dentist to have the clasps tightened and possibly have the denture relined.

Most likely your dentures would benefit from a reline. If they are very loose, then remaking them will yield the best result. For a better fit with new dentures, consider using implants to stabilize them while they are in your mouth. You should schedule an appointment soon with your dentist and they will be able to determine which option will benefit you most.

Good luck!
Certainly, the dentures need to be evaluated. Sometimes the same dentures can be relieved, which would be less costly than new ones. Other times, there may be too many issues with the current ones, and a new set may be the way to go.

Dr. Gochman
Dentures can feel loose for several primary reasons. Keep in mind that if the dentures originally fit well, then the fit against the gums has probably not changed and your body is at fault:

A. Have you gained or lost body weight of more than 10%? Weight loss or gain will change the soft tissue fit of your denture.

B. Are you taking any new medications? Certain medications will cause your mouth to dry out. A dry mouth tends to prevent your dentures from getting the proper suction it needs from salivary fluids.

C. Your bite. Even a good-fitting denture will eventually wear down much like the soles of your favorite sneaker. If and when the bite of your denture teeth starts to wear, it changes how
your jaws mash together and in changing your bite it often causes the teeth to become looser.

D. Your Jawbones. The day you lost your teeth your jaw bones started to change. The jaws exist SOLELY to hold the teeth. When they are gone, your jaws just naturally shrink. And their shrinkage means that your teeth will loosen.

You should see your dentist for options for improving your existing denture or replacing them. Remember, Insurance companies.... the barometer for the lifespan of your dentures... will
pay to replace them every FIVE (5) years. So, get them checked out.
Ask a dentist to check them. Most of the time, relines to the dentures make them fit better. Or, make new ones, depending on their status.
Good day,

I would suggest to reline them, which means to add acrylic and your teeth will not been touched, and it'll save you the money. If the teeth are worn and the denture just looks old, you may consider a new one. As advice, educate yourself about dental implants before doing any treatment.
Dentures generally need to be relined every 3-5 years regardless of whether they feel loose or not. Intimate precise fit is the only way to keep the supporting gums and jaw bone healthy. You should see your dentist at least once a year for evaluation
If the dentures are otherwise in good shape, they could be relined. The process of relining a denture is done by a dentist working with a dental laboratory. A new mould is made of the gum tissues and the inside of the dentures are remade to fit the gum tissues, which continue to shrink overtime. The denture should need to be kept by the dentist/lab for a period of time while the procedure is completed, generally between 3-24 hours pending the material used. This procedure often needs to be redone every 2-7 years (varies according to bite strength, size of jawbone, desire for fit by the patient, etc.). Relining is considerably less expensive than a new denture (provided the teeth are still in good shape and bite alignment), otherwise a new denture is also a possible option. Furthermore, dental implants could be done to even further improve the retention (how tight they stay).
Please see a dentist and have them either realigned (make them tight) or a new set.