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What can I do to increase my leptin sensitivity?

I am a pcod patient and I am gaining weight very easily despite going to the gym frequently. How can I increase my leptin sensitivity so that my metabolism rate increases considerably?

2 Answers

You need to talk to a well trained endocrinologist. There is no approved way to alter leptin. PCOS is a form of pre diabetes and by sensitizing your cells to your own insulin you may lose weight. See guidelines for treating pre diabetes
This is not a easy question. We know so little about leptin & all its effects & sensitivity to it. Continue the exercise program & talk to a dietician about your diet. The YMCA has an excellent program for diet & exercise at a fairly cheap price. If you have an available Y, this a good place to start. You have PCOD, but did not tell me if you are on drugs. Some help with wt. control & some have the opposite effect. Talk to your Dr. about your medications & get adjusted if needed.