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My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

My mother is 67 years old and has suddenly developed shaking hands problem. Her sensation in the hands and fingers is perfectly fine, however, she is having this involuntary shaking of hands. What could be the cause for this?

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2 causes may be, essential tremors, or Parkinson’s Disease. To get an accurate diagnosis and treatment, of a possible neurological condition, I would call your primary care physician, or a neurologist.
Hello! Any involuntary shaking of a body part indicates the possibility of Tremors. Tremors can be anything from Parkinson’s, Hyperthyroidism, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, or Traumatic Brain Injury, etc. My suggestion is that you follow up with her PCP to confirm the underlying condition. Once confirmed, then proper treatment can be determined. Hope this helps. God Bless!
Your description suggests that she is experiencing a tremor. In her age group, this could mean Parkinson's Disease or there are many other conditions that cause this type of involuntary movement. I would recommend an evaluation by a neurologist to rule out any central nervous system origins.
It could be neurological and she should see her MD for proper diagnosis.
See a neurologist. Might be benign postural tremors.
This could be a neurological problem. I suggest she ask her primary care to refer her to a neurologist.
Movement disorder, probably cerebellum or basal ganglia disorder. Either way for help, diagnosis or treatment, see a neurologist or board certified chiropractic neurologist.
I am glad you are concerned about your mother. I would have her follow up with her primary care or a neurologist. That is a tell tale sign of a more complicated neurological condition. Do not be scared, be proactive in seeing a medical doctor and then a chiropractor, who specializes in more advanced neurological disorders, can come up with some good adjunct therapy and treatment plans.
She needs an adequate diagnosis, finding out if she a central nervous system (brain) problem. This is to rule out many causes of hand shaking. Get an evaluation, then MRI and don't waste time as some conditions can progress quickly.
It's always impossible to say for certain what may be causing a condition such as this without an examination. However, it does sound from your description that it may be caused from a condition such as Parkinson's Syndrome as this syndrome can cause intention tremors and shaking.
It could be essential tremor which is a benign but bothersome condition, or it could be another neurological condition. She should see her physician and a referral to a neurologist may be necessary.
Shaking of hands is a very common issue with people as they age. It could be a neurological problem such as early Parkinson’s onset or just a minor tremor with no underlying cause.
Sometimes it can be early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. If it continues and intensifies she could benefit from a thorough neurological examination.
It definitely sounds neurological. Hard to diagnose without neurological/physical evaluation, family history, blood work, and age. Definitely see a neurologist to rule out something of early onset like Parkenson's.
Parkinson's. I would bring her to a neurologist right away. I'm not saying it is, though, but you asked for some possibilities and they are:

-low blood sugar (diabetic)

Dr. Quentin Smith
Shaking hands can be a sign of Parkinson's disease. The tremor is a resting tremor only, not a tremor when she is holding a pen or a glass of water. Parkinson's needs to be diagnosed by her family physician.
It may be an intention tremor or a benign essential tremor. The tremors sometimes come with age. The cause is unknown. Find out if it is worse when she is concentrating on using the hand or if it does not matter. A neurologist is often helpful with this symptom.
There are a few reasons that would result in that a follow up appointment with her primary care physician or a neurologist is where I would start.
There can be many causes as simple as age taking its course, to more serious underlying disorders. Parkinson's Disease needs to be ruled out first and foremost, and can be examined by your general practitioner medical doctor or internist. Hope I was of help.
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Dr. Todd Gewant
It depends if it is when she is trying to move it or if it happens when she is just still

Here is something else that could help
This is a complex issue, it could a medication she is taking. Maybe it early onset of a other possible conditions, but nothing can be confirmed without good exam to rule out or rule in the proper diagnosis. Considering her age I would recommend her primary care physician to work her up to figure it out the problem
Have you consulted with her family doctor?
Just by knowing the symptom of shaking hands, it is very hard to find out what the cause is. You can first go to a neurologist for an exam. You may need a referral from your primary doctor if your insurance requires it.
There are numerous possible causes. I would suggest she gets a proper exam by a Chiropractic Neurologist. Chiropractic Neurologist are trained in Neurorehabilitation and they are really good at finding the best approach without drugs.
Either early Parkinsons or a pinched nerve in the neck
There are many reasons for shaking hands or tremors. It can be viral, vitamin deficiencies or many other conditions. I would suggest an appointment with her doctor or call for a free consultation 770-545-8888
Better check for Parkinson's
I always recommend checking in with your primary care doctor or chiropractor for a detailed history and examination. There is no definitive diagnosis until she can have a proper history and examination. I would check to see if she is eating frequently enough and making sure her blood sugar levels aren't dropping too much throughout the day.
Parkinson's comes to mind...her PCP could send her to a neurologist to confirm. It could also be a reaction to some medication, especially if she is on many.