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My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

My mother is 67 years old and has suddenly developed shaking hands. Her sensation in the hands and fingers is perfectly fine, however, she is having this involuntary shaking. What could be the cause for this?

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Parkinson’s Disease is in the differential diagnosis. Bring her to her PCP right away.
I would have her evaluated by a neurologist. There are a number of things that could trigger shaking in the hands. Most notably is Parkinson's, a neuro could rule that out. Also a much less serious condition is simply called essential tremor and is more common. It doesn't always have to be a disease causing the shaking. I would also have a doctor of chiropractic x-ray her neck to see the amount of damage throughout that region of the spine, as the nerves from the neck go down to supply the hands.
I think by your comment that you mean intention tremors? She needs to be checked out as it can mean different things depending on her health history. Is she a diabetic? Does she have blood sugar issues? Look for a Chiropractor who also specializes in functional neurology and get her in for an exam to rule things out.
The age group can display Parkinson type shaking in the hands, but also weakness. Gait, posture, and being able to stay still at rest may determine if it is Parkinson's Disease. Lead toxicity also affects the nervous system. If accompanied with weakness, one should consider getting checked for ALS.
She may needed to evaluated with a thorough physical exam with lab work. This would include a family history check. It may be as simple as dehydration to something neurological.
There are several causes of shaking hands one maybe multiple sclerosis a stroke neurological degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease some other causes also are certain medications which would include asthma medications and amphetamines and caffeine corticosteroids and drugs that treat certain psychiatric and neurological disorders and other causes are also overactive thyroid liver kidney failure or anxiety or panic disorders she may have also developed essential tremors which are benign tremor
There are many possibilities to why your 67 year old mother has developed tremors in her hands. Anxiety, thyroid dysfunction, heavy metal poising, drug related side effect, low blood sugar or Parkinson's are some of the diseases or reasons that can cause this symptom. Since our aging population is taking numerous pharmaceuticals daily it would be best to check each of your mother's prescriptions and see if that is a common side effect from one of them. If one is a potential culprit then I would suggest to inform the prescribing physician about the side effect and find alternatives for treatment. If that does not present a clear answer then the next logical step would be blood work to check for heavy metals, blood sugar levels and thyroid function. If not conclusive, I would be to have her checked out for possible anxiety disorder with a specialist and last would be Parkinson's which would be best for a neurologist to investigate. There are also many Parkinson's like diseases that could be a potential
cause to this that the neurologist would be able to identify. I know that this is not a single, simple answer but more of a cascade or flow of the possibilities. I hope that this may shed some light on this unique symptom and hope that you and your mother finds some kind of relief in this information.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Weston Zenner, D.C.
Sounds like age related primary essential tremor but I can’t be sure until she is fully evaluated by her doctor. Could be anything from neurological disorder to idiopathic(unknown). Have her evaluated.
There are lots of reasons for tremors (shaking hands). A neurologic consultation is important to discover the cause.

Many people develop a slight tremor as they age and we call that "senile tremor" (which DOES NOT mean your mother is getting dementia), but it does mean the part of the brain that controls her motion is not working as good as it used to. A more serious condition could be something called "Parkinson's". It is a progressive condition and should be taken seriously.
There are other causes, too numerous to list, but that is why you need to consult a professional.

Please consult a neurologist about this, soon.
Could possibly be the onset of Parkinson's? Likely, a nervous system problem. Regardless, I would recommend to start with an Upper Cervical Doctor first and see if they can help. If not, the next step would likely be a neurologist. Let me know if you need help finding a good Upper Cervical Doctor nearby.

Take Care,
Dr Robert Arnone
It could be Parkinson’s disease. She should be taken to a neurologist and examined.
This is a condition referred to as tremors and could be caused by several conditions. I suggest that she see a neurologist because it could be a central nervous system issue.
Pending on her health history and if it’s both sides, it sounds like a neurological condition that needs to be evaluated my a neurologist to rule out a condition that may be more serious than a “pinched nerve.” If cleared I’d encourage to get evaluation and see if chiropractic care could help.
Your mom needs to be evaluated by a neurologist. There are a myriad of diagnoses which could cause this, from low blood sugar to Parkinson’s to vitamin deficiencies, etc. you can google tremors and read about the specific types of shaking and see where she fits but it is best that she receive a complete neurological exam. Good luck
Your mother’s shaking could be occurring for a number of reasons. It could be as simple as too much caffeine or as complicated as Parkinson’s. I would recommend you have her go see her primary care doctor and they can assess her and determine the cause for her shaking and recommend treatment if it is indicated!
She should see her primary care or a neurologist. It seems like she has a central nervous system condition that is effecting her motor system. I can't give you anything more specific than that without seeing her. I do believe she should be evaluated by a neurologist or her primary care doctor who will probably send her to a neurologist. I'm glad you are doing this for your mother.
The two most common causes are benign essential tremor and Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's tremor often manifests with the classic "pill rolling tremor". It looks as if one is constantly rolling a pill around in between the fingers. There are other possible causes like medication, but you should have her examined soon. If it is Parkinson's the soon she gets treatment the better.
It could be essential tremor, which is benign, or something else. She should see a neurologist.
More information is certainly needed with such a history.
This most likely is a neurological issue OR a drug side effect. I'd have a discussion with her General Practitioner and discuss meeting with a Neurologist. They will also check her blood panels to rule out an autoimmune or blood sugar issue.
It could be a neurological issue, vitamin or nutritional deficiency. If you would like to schedule a consultation so we may further investigate please contact us at 281 557 5525. We look forward to hearing from you.
If the shaking is involuntary, then based on examination, there is most an underlying neurological disorder. This also may require further evaluation or even imaging to make sure, nothing is missed.
Lots of causes for this. But I would send her to a neurologist.:-)
She should see a neurologist. I suggest Dr. Michael Schmerler, neurologist with RiverHills Neurology.
Thank you for your question. The sudden onset of shaking hands can be caused by a wide variety of things. These include but are not limited to overactive thyroid, cerebellar disease, medication side effect, caffeine or alcohol abuse, anxiety, low blood sugar, or a pinched nerve. As the cause can be a variety of things, I would recommend your mother contact her primary care provider and schedule an appointment. If the major problems are ruled out, an examination by a chiropractor may be in her best interest to see what the cause of the pain is.
There can be many reasons for shaking hands. With out seeing her or the proper testing i could list several possibilities. However I recommend she sees a neurologist as soon as possible for the proper testing such as blood work and nerve conduction testing.
possibly the beginnings of parkinsons
It may be due to several reasons and telling you a specific one would not be appropriate. It could be a nutritional imbalance, brain problem (Central Nervous System), nerves in the arms among others. She should get a proper medical evaluation before jumping into conclusions.
Mom may be having essential tremors or intention tremors. Intention tremors would be when she starts to shake when she intentionally goes to move. Some tremors are part of an aging neurological system and are relatively “normal”. A neurological work-up may be in order. Sometimes medications can cause tremors. If Mom is on any medication, I would go directly to the pharmacist and ask. Pharmacists know the ins and outs of “why” a medication does what it does and should be able to tell you if it may cause tremors. You can look online but medical practitioners can usually access side effects on a pharmaceutical website that the lay person cannot. As a doctor of Natural medicine, I prefer to send the patient for a neurological workup to make sure there is no life threatening condition. In the meantime, I like to try to stop any inflammatory process through diet, bloodwork and exercise. Weak postural muscles can cause some tremors and well as dehydration and blood sugar issues. I am quite partial to a high, “good-fat” diet when it comes to the brain as the brain is mostly cholesterol and the good fats that wrap the nerves of the body in order to improve nerve conduction. Essentially this means you need fat for a healthy nervous system. Moving more to a Ketogenic or paleo type diet would be ideal, as both these diets decrease inflammatory sugars and carbohydrates. The Ketogenic type diets have proven quite helpful for the brain. Feel free to contact my office. 973-744-9880. Yours in health, Dr Kim Carlucci
This could be intention tremors, Parkinson's. Your Mom should see her primary care Dr. for this and he should refer her to a neurologist.
This could be any neurological problem from Parkinson's to a pinched motor nerve. She should be checked out by her medical doctor and a neurologist.
This can be a host of things. From early onset Parkinson's to something autoimmune or systemic. Get her to her internist right away. She needs diagnostic testing to determine.
This is a question best answered by a proper medical evaluation, due to the possibilities being stress, fatigue, anxiety, medications, low blood sugar, low oxygen, heavy metal poisoning, Parkinson's, and many more...
Sudden onset of shaking can be a early sign of Parkinson's Disease. Please have her appoint with her Internal Medicine Physician to have blood work performed to rule this out.
Get a complete blood test to rule in and out possible disease or syndromes.
Ex: Parkinson's
Is she having the involuntary shaking while at rest or only during movement such as holding a knife and fork? Also, is it only on one side of the body or bilateral?