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When can I eat hard foods after tooth extraction?

I'm going to have a tooth extraction in a few days and I have a wedding just a day after my appointment. By this time, will I be okay to eat hard, solid foods after my tooth extraction?

5 Answers

No. You will still need to avoid that area and be careful.
Generally no. However it depends on where the extraction site is and if there were other factors which would make it more complicated.
This will depend on how your body heals and how quickly the site heals. Typically patients are still on a soft diet a day after extractions.
Not usually that soon for hard foods. The socket will still be open and sore. Talk to your dentist, but my recommendation would be, enjoy the pasta station!
Good luck.
My post operative instructions to patients after an extraction is a soft diet for 72 hours, nothing hard or crunchy that may irritate the extraction site. After 72 hours resume normal diet. I hope this was helpful.