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When do dentists use an x-ray?

I never really had a dentist use an x-ray in any of my visit, but I know other people who had x-rays done at their appointments. When does a dentist use an x-ray at appointments?

6 Answers

Hello, x-rays are used to examine the teeth. X-rays shows a lot and are very useful for dentist to evaluate the teeth. Thank you for your question.
It is frequently done. Most dentists do them. Mine does one every other time I see her.
Full mouth x rays recommended once every 36 mo as prophylactic measure,or bitwing once a year
I personally require a full mouth series of radiographs every five years. It is essential for appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning upon initial evaluation. Secondly I will require a set of 4 bite wings every year to evaluate the areas in between teeth. I hope this helps.
At least once a year, at the dentist's discretion. It depends on age, oral health, etc.
They use it to diagnose things in between the teeth and around the roots and bones. Always the first visit and, if no problems, then yearly.