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Which straightens your teeth better?

I am a 19 year old who wants very straight teeth. Should I get braces or Invisalign? Which straightens your teeth better?

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I think an orthodontist will help you by checking himself what is precisely your situation and what fits.
Both systems have strong points and weak points in moving teeth. Your orthodontist can help you make a good decision. Some more difficult movements are easier with fixed appliances, yet experienced orthodontist do well with clear aligners. If extractions are necessary, fixed appliances are usually preferred. It would take multiple studies of identical twins treated differently to really determine which is better, but even then no two people are identical, so we really do not know the answer to your question without knowing what kind and amount of individual tooth movement is required.
Usually, braces, or traditional orthodontic treatment, straightens teeth better. If your malocclusion is not too severe, invisalign may work well. Consult an orhtodontist who will examine your mouth an advise you about the best treatment for you.

It depends on how severe the case is or what type of treatment works best for you. I would recommend consulting with an orthodontist that will determine the best treatment for you.

Thank you for your question.
Braces are more accurate and move teeth faster
Both work really well at straightening your teeth, yet it all depends on each person and the state of their teeth. Metal brackets and wires will always work in any case, but if you are interested in Invisalign, it is best to ask the orthodontist if you are a suitable candidate for them.
Hope this helps.
Both can do a great job, but it depends on a few things that Invisalign cannot do well. Best to see an orthodontist to know
They will both give you excellent result. But depending on what needs to be done at time one treatment is favoured over the other one. Invisalign for young adults is often more popular
It depends on how much de tam correction you need. My personal experience with a 19 year old would be to use braces over Invisalign. I use Invisalign for patients that have had previous braces and just need a small amount of correction. Braces are better for more advanced movements. My recommendation is to see an orthodontist and have an evaluation. Usually traditional braces will be less expensive.
Both treatments are effective options. I would suggest that you see an orthodontist for an evaluation so that together you can make the best decision for your specific case.


It depends on your particular problem. Invisalign has some limitations regarding certain types of tooth movement that traditional braces don’t. Your orthodontist can advise you as to the best appliance for the best result
Both are good. I would go with Invisalign because it is easier and more comfortable and aesthetically pleasant
There are a few things that cannot be done with Invisalign that can be done with traditional wire braces. It is more a matter of the expertise of the doctor guiding the treatment. With Invisalign the compliance of the patient also comes into play where as it is easier to clean your teeth as well.

Congrats on deciding to have straighter teeth. Both invisalign and traditional braces have pros and cons to them, but in the end they will both do a pretty good job of straightening your teeth.
The first thing you should answer to yourself is whether you are concerned with only your front teeth and whether you want your back teeth straightened or not.
Also you should talk to whoever is providing the services, they may have preference based on the location of your teeth currently. If your preference does not match up with their preference then try a different dentist.
Best of luck to you

William F. Scott IV, DMD