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My breasts feel very sore and even hurt when touched. Why?

My breasts feel very heavy and sore. While having sex it even hurts me a lot when my breasts are touched. The doctor says its hormonal but I am now worried. What could it be?

9 Answers

Most likely this may be hormonal. But if this is persistent and worsening, then it is worth having a detail check-up to ensure it as benign as such.
Make sure you are not pregnant first. If your breast are large wear a bra for support to keep them from bouncing around. Sometimes short term use of a vitamins may help
Please make sure you are wearing the right size bra and also check pregnancy test. In addition, get a mammogram or ultrasound of the breast, if everything comes out normal, use primrose oil.
Most probably it is hormonal. Breasts are very sensitive with hormonal changes.
Hormonal is the correct answer. The most common cause of new onset breast tenderness is due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy.
Breast tenderness is associated with production of progesterone by the ovaries after ovulation. It is very normal, but can be exacerbated by caffeine, chocolate and other dietary items.
It may be reduced with daily vitamin E or oral contraceptives.
How old are you? Do you do a self-check every month? Cut down your caffeine. The low dose both control pills May help you to stabilize your hormones
Yes, hormonal.
Hormones are the most common reason for painful breasts, this happens about a week before your periods start and resolves right after your period. If you feel any lumps or masses in your breast/s, it is a good idea to see your doctor/OBGyn for breast exam.
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