Chiropractor Questions Pins and Needles

Why do I have pins and needles in my legs?

I am experiencing pins and needles in both my legs and this is leaving me with intense pain and discomfort. What could be the reason for this?

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A nerve scan and full spine x-ray would determine the condition of the pelvis and the lumbar nerve roots and discs. Because these structures supply nerve and blood supply to the legs, detecting nerve impingement would result in an increased blood and nerve supply, thus eliminating the pain, pins and needles feeling and discomfort on the legs.
Pins and needles usually indicate nerve compression. Depending on the location of the pins and needles, it could range from a disc issue to local nerve compression. A full history and exam would be required to differentiate your condition. It may also be indicated to have X-rays and possible MRI to assess your situation.
There can be many reasons for the "pins and needles" feeling in your legs, Anything from circulation problems to nerve damage. The cause I find most commonly as a chiropractor is a disc problem, referred to as bulged, slipped or herniated. When a disc puts pressure on a nerve exiting the spine, it can cause irritation and/or inflammation. The result of which can be felt as pain, weakness, cold, numb and pins and needles. When the source of the vertebral subluxation (misalignment) is corrected, normal function returns and the sensation can resolve.
A possible reason why patients feel a pins and needles sensation is because there is interference to the nerves and nervous system. When bones become misaligned, they can move into a position that interferes with the way nerves function. For instance, when a bone is in a position that decreases the normal space that is present for a nerve to pass out through the spinal column, they can place pressure to the nerve itself which can create the pins and needles feeling due to the contraction of the hard bone on the soft nerve.
This is a big syndrome, needs deep detailed studies beginning from diabetic neuropathy and so on...
This could be related to a problem in your back or in your circulation among other things. I'd recommend you seek an examination from a chiropractor or doctor to determine the cause of it.
Too little information to go on. Could be a mis-alignment, could be soft tissue compression, could be stenosis in the IVF or central canal or a number of other things. See a good Chiropractor to be evaluated.
The reason that your are experiencing "pins and needles" sensations in your legs leading to intense pain and discomfort is because structurally, depending to the exact location of your symptoms, the area of nerve impingement can be ascertained. This is a symptom that is termed, "Paresthesia", which is exactly what your are experiencing, pins and needles sensation. There are a multitude of causes that can result in paresthesia. A complete history, a thorough examination and laboratory investigation must be warranted to give you a better answer to your question.

Are you a diabetic? Is the symptom on one side or is it on both sides? Do you have any back pain. Have ever been diagnosed with the Herpes virus. Sometimes, a space occupying lesion can cause paresthesia when it encroaches on the brain or spinal cord so a CT scan and/or MRI would be crucial in the diagnosis.

And finally, nerve compression syndromes, for example, Meralgia Paresthetica is a common cause of unilateral anterolateral thigh paresthesia due to the entrapment of the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve. So this is the reason why the history and exam is crucial in answering this question in better detail.
You either have nerve pain from the sciatic nerve or you are having blood flow issues in your legs---first go to your PCP and get checked for Cardiovascular---also have them check blood flow into your legs--if that doesn't resolve---have the doctor do an X-ray of your lower back and check for irritated nerves---still no help, take your X-rays with you and go to a local chiropractor---if its nerves he will help you.

Dr David Leonard
More information is needed. Are you diabetic? Any prior injuries?
If you are having the feeling of pins and needles in your legs, you could be having problems with either the nerves or the circulation supplying the legs. There are many tests your doctor can perform to determine the exact cause during a simple examination. Make an appointment for an exam as soon as possible. The longer there is pressure on a nerve or blood vessel, the
more damage may be caused.

Dr. Eric Miller
It sounds like Sciatica Pain, and chiropractic care can help. Sciatica is a condition that is characterized by pain originating in the lower back or buttocks with symptoms felt down one or both legs. It's known as sciatica because it resembles a condition that would be caused by an irritation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve is a large collection of nerve fibres that originate in the lower back, travel down the back of the thigh and calf, and extend down to the foot.

A chiropractor often sees patients presenting with sciatica. You could feel an electric-shock sensation that shoots down the leg, or your leg may endure a burning, tingling or numbing sensation. Recovering from sciatica can be a painful and prolonged process, so buckle up. In addition to getting treatment, there are many things at home you can do to help. Ice therapy is an option. Applying a cold pack to the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes can sometimes provide immediate relief. Taking Omega-3 supplements can help reduce inflammation. Please see your local chiropractor for all advice and treatment options.
Great Question.

Do you live in the Rockford area?
It's called peripheral neuropathy. It can be caused by lack of blood flow. A proper diagnosis by blood work and a physical is needed in order to diagnose it.
Pins and needles can be caused by many different reasons. Without a thorough history, it's hard to know what is the root cause. One cause can be from your low back. Another can be from diabetes. I highly suggest you get looked at by a chiropractor or medical doctor, as soon as possible.
You may have a vertebra in your lower back that is out of its normal position, putting pressure on a nerve that travels down to your legs. This pressure is causing your normal nerve impulses that travel down your legs to be interfered with, thus causing the pins and needles sensation. Think of it as when you wash the car, kink the hose, less water comes out. Same thing here, the nerve gets pinched, less nerve output to that certain area. This can happen anywhere in the spine or extremities.
Check the nerves in the lumbar spine, which is your lower back.
You may have a lumbar disc problem or a type of arthritis causing stenosis. Could also be a simple misaligned vertebrae. I recommend an examination by a chiropractor.
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Dr. Zara
Possible disc bulge, see a chiropractor and get an X-ray and/or MRI.