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Why do my gums feel inflamed after a root canal?

I am a 27 year old female who had a root canal about 2 weeks ago. My gums still feel very inflamed and tender. Is this normal?

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Sometimes it happens, it's normal, but not frequently.
Tender gums may be normal after a root canal but typically resolve within 2 weeks. If one has persistent pain after a root canal procedure, one should communicate with their doctor to determine the need for follow up or additional treatment.
Root Canals are surgical procedures that causes sometimes severe pain, mile pain or not pain at all. Perhaps your tooth has an infection not relieved by a root canal. Make an appointment with an Root Canal Specialist.
This may be normal, but you should return to your dentist for follow up to assure that this is normal.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.
Not unheard of, but it may be that the bite is off, irritating the gums. You should not be biting on or hitting the root canal'd tooth until it has the crown placed, and even then, if it hits too hard, it would result in pain. There are other possibilities, but the bite is the biggest problem in most instances. Have your endodontist evaluate it.
Good luck.
Without knowing specifics, I would say no, it is not normal. I am invisioning that you are not talking about swelling from an infection that was the reason for the root canal in the first place? A few days is understandable, but two weeks seems long. Have you been on antibiotics? Are you getting a crown soon? I would definitely recommend going back to the dentist who did the work and have it checked. It could just be plaque building up- or it could be an allergic reaction to something. What needs to be ruled out is infection.

Hope this helps.

Jossi Stokes, DDS
Your gums may be still inflamed or tender from the injection, or there may be a secondary infection. You should set up an appointment with your dentist to have it checked out.
There are a few things the clamp used for the rubber damn can pinch the gums which can take time to heal. Also some people have more sensitivity after a root canal in the gums usually with time it can go away. If your hitting hard on tooth with the filling or crown that was placed can also contribute to the discomfort.
If your gums in general are inflamed and tender then you may be experiencing gingivitis. If the gum is inflamed local to the area of the root canal, your tooth may still be healing from treatment. See your dentist to follow up and make sure signs of healing are evident.

Sorry to hear about your discomfort. This is something you should go back to see your dentist (or another dentist about). Your gums feeling sore could be from something simple like the rubber dam they use to isolate your tooth, or a small micro fracture in your tooth (so small it cannot be seen). This is why you want someone to evaluate your tooth.