Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions Kidney Stones

Why do some teens get kidney stones?

My younger cousin needed to have surgery because he had, not one, but two, large kidney stones that he wasn't able to pass. It seems kidney stones are rare to happen to a 15 year old. Why do some teens get kidney stones?

3 Answers

Runs in the family.
There is usually a genetic component. Then if you eat certain foods drink tea or get dehydrated a stone will form. If they are not passed they can grow so large they cannot pass and you either have to have surgery or lithotripsy to break them up. He needs to stay hydrated with plenty of water and no tea.
Kidney stones are not the norm in children. There are certain genetic factors that can predispose children to kidney stones, being dehydrated, and overdoses of certain medications can cause kidney stones. If your child has a kidney stone, he most likely will be referred to a nephrologist for further investigation as to cause.