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Why does my back feel sore?

If I sleep straight on my back, I wake up with sore. Why does this happen? Could it be because of my body weight or something else that may need attention?

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Vertebrae can be subluxated contributing to your soreness.
Check your mattress. A poorly supportive or older mattress is usually the cause of back pain upon waking. In addition, strengthening the body's core muscles will help.
Depends on many factors. See a chiropractor for an examination
You may need a chiropractic adjustment. Also, your mattress firmness might be incorrect.

Needs to be examined by a doctor to know what could be the cause.
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Try propping a few pillows under your legs to off-load the spine and take pressure off! This helps a lot of my patients feel better instantly (esp. low back pain patients).
Depending, you may have some arthritis, i.e., DJD (wear and tear) that has set in over the years. This can render you stiff and sore in the morning.
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Sleeping on your back may be causing you discomfort for a variety of reasons including weight, increased lumbar lordosis (back arch), weak muscles of the back, or even a poor supporting mattress. Actual injury can be assessed by a trained physician to determine if any pathology is there.
There actually could be many reasons to have a sore back. Did you do something different lately? Paint a room? Work on a car? Start a new exercise program? Fall asleep on the couch? In many cases it is something that you did to cause the back pain and once a few days go by without doing the same thing to contribute to the trouble, it goes away.

So now I would ask you, how long has it been bothering you? Is it getting better or worse as time passes? Was there anything different that you did which could have contributed to this pain? Once I have the basic information I could give you better advice...
The most common culprit is a worn out mattress. Take the sheets off and get down and look straight across the mattress. If it is uneven you need a new mattress. Also you can try sleeping with pillows under your knees to relax the back muscles.
There could be a number of factors, although one of the issues may be your mattress. If you don’t have a mattress that appropriately fills in the gaps of your back, then you won’t have the proper support for your back while you are sleeping. I generally recommend that if you have had your mattress for a number of years, and especially if it has a “dip” in the mattress from wear, then it is time to start looking for a mattress that can be fit better for your body.
It could be a variation of many things. Possible sleep position, mattress strength, or you may have an underlying condition. Try stretching daily, morning and night, consistently for 1-2 weeks. If there is no relief, please seek medical care. Chiropractic care is excellent for the maintenance of your spinal health.
Since I haven't examine your condition, I cannot say what the problem is.
It depends. Weight is usually not the issue. The age and quality of your mattress may be part of the problem. If it 8 years old, it is time to replace it. I would try putting a pillow under your knees while you are sleeping on your back. This may help to prevent any soreness.
Go get an X-ray of your back and see if the nerves are functioning well.
Too much arch either due to the bed or over tightening of paraspinal muscles. Try a different bed in the house or flip the mattress.
Many people experience more low back soreness in the morning upon rising from bed. One reason for this is that your spinal discs are more full in the morning because they have been decompressed all night. There is more pressure on them in the morning when you get up and load the discs. This usually goes away in about 30-45 minutes. It is a sign that there has been some stress on the discs and there may be some degenerative changes taking place. It may also be your bed. It may be too hard or too soft. Change beds for a few nights and see if it helps.
Soreness could be caused from not moving at night, stiffness from the day, tension in the body, tight muscles that need to be stretched, a subluxation. Are you doing body care? Are you stretching and strengthening your body 4 days weekly? Are you doing spinal care - getting your spine checked for subluxations? Are you sleeping long enough? Think about what needs your attention and address that.
There is no research that demonstrates for certain that back pain is related to being overweight. More likely, depending on your age, back pain relates to posture and ergonomics, or, the way you sit and stand while you work, rest, and exercise.
Please contact a chiropractor and have some X-rays of your back and get some treatment before this develops into something more serious like arthritis or a herniated disc.
Not enough info. Try lying on the floor to sleep using 3 thick heavy comforters. It may be an under supportive mattress. It should not hurt to sleep on your back unless you have some un-diagnosed spinal condition that needs attention. A chiropractor would be the doctor of choice.
Thank you for your question. Sleeping on your back is often a great position to sleep in though there can be complications. Sleeping on your back on a bed that is not supportive enough can lead to back soreness as well as changing to the back when it is not your usual position. The first place that I would look would be your mattress. Ensure that it is providing enough support to your back as it should come up to meet your low back when you are on your back.
It can be due to an abnormal curvature in your lowerback. Try sleeping with your knees up by having a knee pillow underneath your knees. This should flatten out your lowerback and reduce pressure in your lowerback. If that doesn’t work than visit a local chiropractor to see if your lowerback is subluxated. And yes, weight does play a big role on how much stress it put on your lowerback.
That happens quite frequently due to normal disc degeneration in the lower back. The joints will move closer together due to the degeneration and that may cause pain. Often, sleeping with a pillow under the knees will decrease the pain. It is best to sleep on your side with a pillow under your head, hugging one and having one between the knees.
Dr. Simone
It could be from many reasons. I would have your spine checked by a chiropractor to find out why.