Dentist Questions Bad Breath

Why does my breath stink?

Even after brushing my teeth twice a day and rinsing my mouth with mouthwash, my breath smells very bad. Could this be associated with indigestion or is it some other oral problem?

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Possibly your gums or a rotten tooth.
Periodontal disease often has a characteristic bad odor. Use of a mild, non alcoholic mouthwash may mask the problem. Have your gum tissue checked to see if it is healthy, If it is, then there are systemic conditions which need to be ruled out. Of course, diet is also a factor.
This can be digestive problems, such as acid reflux or GERD, but most likely, there can be some periodontal bone problems that need to be further diagnosed through proper dental care at a dental office. Gram Negative bacteria can be a toxic bacteria that if left under the gums for long periods of time not only causes bone loss, but also foul breath, regardless of brushing and flossing.
Bad breath can be caused by gum disease or by gastric disorders such as ulcers, gastric reflux or a hiatus hernia.
This is known as halitosis and is caused by sulfuric producing bacteria which then create a pungent smell some of the remedies at home would include tongue scraper and peroxide rinses
First of all, the dental professional has to determine proper diagnosis. It could be “gum disease” or cavities in your teeth, smoking habit, and number of other causes. Make an appointment.
Yes, it can be due to indigestion. Constipation causes mouth to smell as well as,any type of infection in the body. If you have sinus infection or dry mouth, they could also lead to smelling breath. You may have to do deep cleaning to remove any build up beyond gum lines that is not removed by your brushing, that is why you need to see a dentist at regular intervals for them to clean your mouth.
Bad breath can often be associated with periodontal disease or oral infection. I would highly recommend that you make an appointment with your dental professional to have a complete evaluation and teeth cleaning.
Bad breath almost always comes from bacteria in the mouth. There are some cases where it comes from the stomach, but they are rare. There are lots of places the bacteria can hide and spread in your mouth. The top of the tongue should be brushed well when you brush your teeth. If you have cavities or gum disease that is untreated, that will cause bad breath. If you have a lot of old dental work, especially crowns, that will contribute. If there are places where food is getting stuck when you eat, that might be a factor. One way you can find where it’s coming from is to floss in between each tooth and then smell the floss after each tooth. That can help you zero in on the problem. Lack of flossing causes bad breath. Also, mouthwashes with alcohol in them can make it worse because they dry out your mouth and give the bacteria a breeding ground. Breath RX is one of the best mouthwashes for bad breath. Good luck!
Bad breath can be due to increased bacteria in the mouth, or issues with the stomach. Additionally, it could be influenced by diet. Excessive consumption of onion, garlic, curry, or other spices can contribute to bad breath. A visit to your dentist is recommended to address your particular case.
It could be. The big question is when was the last time that you had your teeth cleaned. Gum problems are responsible for 95% of bad breath cases.
The cause of this problem that you describe Maybe follicular tonsillitis if you still have your tonsils. Halitosis is common when tonsils become infected otherwise it may be from decay causing the bad taste and smell. Your dentist can determine which of these two need to be treated along with other symptoms involving the salivary glands which may give rise to an uncomfortable odor after brushing. Post nasal drip is also a possibility from a sinus infection and all of this will be determined in a logical fashion once you're examined. Pericoronitis is a condition where in the wisdom teeth have a cleft of tissue that collect bacteria when they are overlooked and needing extraction. So this is a shotgun approach to a quick diagnosis once you're in the chair and the dentist can examine you.
Bad breath can be caused by sinus problems, GI problems, periodontal disease, just to name a few. Evaluation by your general dentist and PMD are advised.
Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by many different things. Yes it can come from your digestive system or from your oral environment. Speak with your dentist to come up with the possible source and solution.
If you have not already, see your dentist. It may be a gum or tooth infection, gum disease, a significant buildup of tartar (calculus), etc.
If you have had the cleaning, addressed all dental issues, and brushing and flossing daily, it may be GERD. This is when stomach acids slip up into the back of the throat. Some people just have bad breath when they get up in the morning because they have not eaten and the body goes into starvation mode, burning the fat stores for energy. Also brush the tongue when you brush to remove odor causing plaque and bacterial by-products.
Bad breath can be caused by a wide variety of issues. If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, having an oral examination to rule out any hidden periodontal issues, cavities or sources of food impaction is a good first step. Bacteria on the back of your tongue can also be a significant source. Try using a tongue scraper on a regular basis, and really get back as far as you can. You might see an amazing difference. Bad breath can also be caused by tonsil stones. If that is the case, there are several things you can do to treat and prevent them. Your dentist can go through those if that seems to be the cause. Bad breath can also be caused by several metabolic diseases. So...start with an oral exam to determine a cause there, and then go see your doctor if the problem persists.
Your breath might stink due to the development of bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria inside the mouth causes inflammation and gives off noxious odors or sulfur like smelling gas. There can be a number of reasons for bad breath such as liver problems, diabetes, respiratory infection, chronic bronchitis and much more.

I recommend visiting one of the practiced dental hygienists to take regular dental checkup for avoiding the dental problem of breath stink.
It could be coming from elsewhere, but you need to be screened for periodontal disease or other oral conditions by your dentist.