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Why does my tooth hurt 3 months after a filling?

I am a 28 year old male. I have had a toothache 3 months after a filling. What could be the cause?

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Could be an an issue with the bite, the way the filling was placed, or the nerve could be affected. You would have to have an evaluation in person to determine what your situation calls for.
Nerve dying, fracture, too high occlusion. Type of pain tells a story, hot, cold, biting? Depends on the size of the filling and how placed.
The cause for post-operative pain varies. That could be anything from deep restoration close to the nerve, restoration slightly high in occlusion, tooth too dry during procedure, to micro opening on junction tooth - filling. Based on what you described, I would opt for high occlusion that you have adapted to after a while. When any issue arises after a procedure was done, the best thing is to ask your providing dentist for advice.
Decay that you got the filling for could cause the nerve of the tooth to die
A lot of times when a tooth hurts after having a filling, especially when it is hurting 3 months after having the filling placed, it is possible that the cavity that was filled was very big, and might have gotten close enough to the nerve that the nerve continues to be irritated. Sometimes when this happens, the tooth will need a root canal to remove the nerve and alleviate the pain. Ultimately, this is something you need to discuss with your general dentist so they can evaluate and create a treatment plan accordingly.
There could be a number of reasons: depth of decay, the bite is incorrect. You should contact the dentist an advise them of your issue. Be prepared to answer these questions. Does it hurt to bite on that tooth? Is it cold sensitive. Is it sensitive to warm fluids. And how long the sensitivity lasts.
Either the bite needs adjustment or the filling is too close to the nerve.
Not all fillings are the same. If one has a filling that the decay was very deep, the pain may never stop and the tooth may need a root canal. On the other hand if you had a medium size filling you should expect some sensitivity when drinking cold things. If you are sensitive when chewing, your bite may need to be adjusted. Shallow fillings are generally not painful.