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Why does my tooth hurt after my braces were tightened?

I am a 17 year old male. My tooth is in excruciating pain after my braces were adjusted.

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Braces apply sufficient force to a tooth to slow or stop blood circulation on the side toward which the tooth is moving. That is how a tooth magically moves through solid bone. Anytime blood circulation is slowed or stopped to a part of the body, pain results. That is one of the many reasons that I design most treatment plans utilizing Invisalign.. With Invisalign I am able to engineer less pressure and am able to control both the pressure and any associated discomfort better.
Discomfort after an orthodontist adjustment is normal. The degree of discomfort has to do with what exactly is done during that adjustment. A heavy wire might be placed. A single tooth may need to be rotated or move a good distance. These are examples of when a single tooth might be more sensitive than others.
Due to pressure applied to teeth but it will gradually goes away.
An adjustment on your braces means a little bit of force is being applied to your teeth. Everyone is different, but it's not uncommon for the teeth to be sore for 48 hours. Tylenol or advil is usually recommended if the teeth are sore.
Hello, depending on the adjustment made pain is very normal. Orthodontic treatment causes inflammation around the tooth - in fact this is why teeth are able to move through bone. The process of adjusting the teeth leads to a few days of pain and discomfort which dissipates. This is very normal with treatment and we normally recommend that whatever over-the-counter pain reliever you would normally take be used with orthodontic pain. If the pain persists or doesn't seem to improve after a few days, then I recommend you call the orthodontist to have it evaluated for any other problems. Also, look for any gum swelling or bleeding as it is not uncommon to get food stuck by the gums which can lead to significant pain.

I hope this helps! -John Ballrick

It is very normal for your teeth to hurt a little after your braces are tightened. Braces are tightened to help align the teeth. Please consult with your orthodontist if the pain persists.

Thank you for your question.
Moving your teeth can make them sore. You can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen and it should get better in a few days. Thanks. Dr. Price
Usually, a "braces adjustment" means that they are putting on a heavier wire with more force. This increases the amount of force that is being applied to the tooth. Usually, this type of pain will last for a few days and then get better. More force on the tooth means that it is moving in the bone and once it has moved it will feel better. I would take ibuprofen for a few days and they call the orthodontist if it is not getting better. Unfortunately, this kind of pain can be normal when they are doing braces.

Marc D. Thomas, DDS

That is how the are moved. This should ease up after a day or two.