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Why does my tooth still hurt after my root canal?

I am a 29 year old male. I had a root canal 2 days ago and I still feel pain. Why does my tooth still hurt after my root canal?

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Even after a successful root canal, it is very common to have discomfort for several days following the procedure. Though the root canal removes all the nerve tissue inside the tooth, there are still nerves surrounding the root of the tooth in the socket. Be sure to take any prescribed antibiotics as directed and if you still have pain after 1 week, call the dentist who did your root canal and have it checked out.
Call your dentist, you may need to have your occlusion adjusted or maybe you may need to be placed on an antibiotic Your dentist can give you the best answer to why your tooth is hurting.
You may still have some remnant inflammation and tenderness from the procedure and prior infection. If the pain persists contact a dentist or endodontist.
Many times there is an infection associated with a tooth eating root canal. The body needs several days sometimes even a few weeks or months to completely heal. As long as the swelling does not increase in pain does not increase it will be fine

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz
Your tooth can still hurt for a number of reasons one maybe they didn't take it out of occlusion. After having the procedure done the tooth should be ground down so it doesn't hit the upper tooth or lower tooth putting forces on it. I have found with my 30-plus years of experience that patients can sometimes experience two to three days of pain and then all of a sudden it goes away and everything is fine. If you haven't already try using some ibuprofen just to get you through the harder part of the first few days and most likely everything will be fine
As long as your bite feels fine, this is not unusual. Don't chew on the tooth for several weeks. If needed, you can take OTC pain medication (advil, tylenol). If the pain persists for longer than a couple of weeks, return to the dentist who performed the treatment.