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I am having a dull pain in my left eye along with a minor headache. What could this be?

I am experiencing a slight pain along with a minor headache around my left eye. What could be the reason behind this?

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If your vision is stable, it very well could be a sinus headache, particularly if you have a history of allergy and sinus issues. Secondarily, it could be an inflammation of the iris called iritis. If this is a new type of headache and it’s persistent, you should have an eye examination.

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Dr. John Lowitz, OD
It could be several different things. I would suggest you get it checked out.
It could be multiple things like eye strain, higher eye pressure, transient ischemic attack, or many more possible causes. It is best to get a comprehensive eye exam to rule out any retinal or vision related problems. Certain cases we sometimes send to a neurologist for a consultation.
The cause of head and eye pain is many. First of all, you should be checked for eye weakness 2- Sinusitis, 3- possible TMJ, 4 -In the elderly always we should think of different kinds of arthritis and arteritis, 5- Tension headache is also a common cause of headache.
This can be anything from dry eye to herpetic eye disease. You should have it checked out by your local optometrist. This is a medical problem so your medical insurance would apply here.
These symptoms could be associated with a whole host of conditions. Things such as an iritis (inflammation of the inside of the eye), sinusitis/allergy symptoms, eye strain caused by computer use and even a prescription that is not adequately matched to your visual system.

If the discomfort is mild, try to use a cool compress and take visual breaks. If it is longstanding, persistent and/or newly severe, please see your local eye care professional.

Dr. EM
Inflammation. This inflammation could be bad enough to require topical steroid eye drops to protect vision. Have an eye examination by a great optometrist.
There are many causes. Could be just needing prescription glasses or sinusitis or ocular hypertension.