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Why is it important to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment?

I'm going to have a chiropractic adjustment soon, but after doing some research, I noticed that it's highly recommended to drink water after an adjustment. Why?

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I like to tell my patients that our body hold on to toxins that it doesn't know how to properly process them. A chiropractic adjustment releases those toxins into our system like squeezing a wet sponge. Water will dilute those toxins and process them out through the urine.
Dear Friend,
Thank you for your question. It is important to provide the body with clean, pure water. It is one of the essential building blocks of a healthy body, yet many, if not most people simply don’t give their body enough water. Keep in mind that some beverages have other ingredients in them that may actually deplete your tissues, cells and organs of water. The bottom line is, don’t think of having an extra latte, or a big glass of ice tea, to give your body the water that it needs. The best way is to simply drink pure, clear water.

Returning to the original question, Is it important to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment? Yes, it’s important to drink water, but not any more so than at other times. Although we don’t know why the questioner asked about water in particular, there are occasions after which it’s particularly helpful to drink water. Strenuous exercise like running, and many outdoor activities, especially in the sun and warmer temperatures dramatically increase the body’s demand for water. There are other times, like after receiving a massage. That’s because the work of a massage therapist releases toxins from tight muscles and water is needed to move those out of the system. However, getting a chiropractic adjustment bears no relationship to that, either in purpose or effect. While massage may be a relaxing, even healthful experience it has nothing to do with chiropractic.

To clearly see the difference, massage is done to bring relaxation and to feel good. Chiropractic, on the other hand, is done to help a person function properly. A precise chiropractic adjustment corrects a vertebral subluxation. A subluxated vertebra insults the body’s nerve system interfering with the ability of the brain to communicate effectively with the rest of the body. Since the brain is responsible for controlling and coordinating all body functions, the effects of a subluxated vertebra can be far reaching, even devastating. Thus, while an adjustment is essential to a person’s ability to function, and perform at the top of their game, it doesn’t add to or take away from a person’s constant need for water.

Drinking water helps to flush the body of toxins and other waste by products. 1/2 of your body’s weight in fluid ounces of water is suggested daily.
This flushes the cytokins and helps filter the blood.
Drinking lots of water allows your body to process and eliminate any toxins that may be stored in your body. The adjustment can release these toxins so it is important to get them completely out of your body.