Pediatrician Questions Behavior Changes

Why is my teenager so aggressive with me?

My son is 16 years old, and lately he has been really aggressive with both me and my husband. We're not sure why. He doesn't listen to us at all, he goes out without asking if it's okay or not, and his grades have been falling. What should we do? And why is this happening?

7 Answers

It could be any number of things, but drug use must be considered.
He is changing to become his own boss and king of his area. This happens to many so we can make decisions eventually to be on our own. Just try not to argue and let them know how life and being on your own can be difficult but when he makes the decision you and your husband will always be there for him. Give him a little freedom for now and let him be an adult with freedom and responsibilities
He needs to see his pediatrician to discuss this. He may be depressed or always consider drug abuse. This is not normal teenage behavior.
This behavior can be due to several common reasons such as depression, anxiety drug use, pushing the limits of parents or others. I can’t tell why is this happening and he needs to get a professional assessment for the possible reasons for such behavior.
You need to schedule him for an evaluation with psychiatrist.
A good beginning resource is:
Also, if your son is willing seek therapy support.
He is acting out something that he does not know. You have to seek help soon for you all with a mental health professional.
At this age, parents are not the people teenagers listen too. It is usually their peers. With sudden changes in personality and grades dropping he may be involved in illegal drugs. You may need to see what friends he is hanging with.