Dentist Questions Teething

Why isn't my baby teething?

My baby is 9 months old and does not have any teeth yet. Is this normal?

10 Answers

Only start worrying if teeth are not present at 18 months. Some kids teeth develop slower than others.
Is not normal, but is not a disease.

Some babies take longer in teething.

Check food. Sometimes lack of stimulus of gums, delays teeth eruption.
Yes! Tooth eruption in infants is HIGHLY variable. If your baby still has no teeth at 18-24 months, discuss this with your pediatrician or dentist. Great question!
Don't worry about teething unless it exceeds 18 months.
There is a wide range of variance for when babies begin to acknowledge option of teeth pushing underneath the gum and beginning to break through. Sometimes thumb-sucking retards this, but you're still within a range of normal at 9 months.
This is a very common concern among patients and I want to reassure you that unless your general physician has diagnosed your child with some developmental, metabolic, or systemic condition, it is perfectly normal. Some children get their teeth as early as 4 months while others just want to take their time. Don’t worry. Enjoy your time with your beautiful baby and don’t worry about timelines. They’re just very general guidelines but are children our all unique individuals and as such develop at different times and in different ways
Yes, in most instances. Tooth eruption can be delayed for a few months past a year. If it goes longer, a pedodontist can examine your child and perhaps help things along.
Some children have their teeth erupt late. Go have your baby checked and your dentist will be able to find out the problem.
Sometimes babies have delayed eruptions. I will advise to take the baby to see the dentist as soon as possible.
Some babies do not teethe until closer to 1 year of age. Does your baby have normal hair and fingernails? If so, the teeth will usually be okay. If no teeth after 1 year, they may need an X-ray to make sure the teeth are in the gums.