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Will I have to floss my dentures?

My dentures smell by the end of the day. How can I prevent this? Will I have to floss my dentures?

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No, you cannot floss dentures. Buy a denture cleaning machine from Amazon to clean it.
No. Not required, but brushing and cleaning is required.

Dr. Jensen

The best way to clean the dentures is to soak the dentures in a denture cleanser like Efferdent or Polident for 15-20 minutes. After soaking them, use a denture brush and remove all debris as best as possible. It is important that you clean them off following every meal. Stay hydrated as much as possible (with water). When dentures become dry, they tend to
accumulate plaque and tarter. This will carry an odor. If you have full dentures, you still have to do oral rinses with mouthwash. Be sure and clean off the top surface of your tongue daily. You may also schedule a dental appointment and have your dentures professionally cleaned.
I hope this helps.
No. Please wash your dentures with regular toothpaste and brush and then soak them in plain water with efferent or polident denture cleansing tablets.
No. You should brush your denture inside/outside with tooth brush and toothpaste, soak it overnight in water or water and denture cleaner tablet sold in pharmacies.
Simply clean your dentures every day with a denture brush or regular toothbrush, and then soak them in water with a dissolved denture cleaning tablet (like Polident or Efferdent). That will give them a clean, fresh appearance. You can’t really floss a denture so don’t worry about that.
No, but you should clean them with denture cleaner