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Dr. Scott Forman, MD is one of the best rated doctors in the United States. He specializes in ophthalmology and currently practices optometry at Valhalla, New York. Dr. Forman holds a medical degree from ...

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Umdnj-Robt W Johnson Med Sch- New Brunswick Nj 1981

Board Certification

OphthalmologyAmerican Board of OphthalmologyABO

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Dr. Scott Forman MD
Dr. Scott Forman MD's Expert Contributions
  • Why does it hurt to look in a certain direction?

    See a doctor. There are many reasons, ranging from the flu to inflammation of the optic nerve. READ MORE

  • Do blue light glasses really help?

    They protect you from the deleterious effects of blue light, especially if you use a cellphone or computer at night, as it throws off your circadian rhythms through pathways connecting the retina to the pineal gland. READ MORE

  • What causes eye irritation after swimming in the pool?

    Anything from chlorine, bromine, or other constituents to keep the water relatively free from bacteria. All these products may irritate the eye. Use swim goggles. READ MORE

  • What type of anesthesia is used for cataract surgery?

    Topical anesthetic drops or an injection of anesthetic around the eye plus intravenous relaxants. READ MORE

  • What treatments are offered for retinoblastoma?

    A complex subject best answered by ocular oncology specialists. Usually, a combination or enucleation (surgical removal of the eye), chemotherapy, and/or radiation. READ MORE

  • Why does my eyelid twitch?

    Usually any stress, excess caffeine or not enough sleep. As long as it is only the lid, it is benign. If the face is involved, see a neuro-ophthalmologist or neurologist. READ MORE

  • What does an ophthalmic pathology evaluation entail?

    Ophthalmic pathologists examine microscopic slides of tissue removed from the eye or adnexal (near the eye) region. They are usually board certified Ophthalmologists who have done special training in Pathology. READ MORE

  • What are the treatments for 6th nerve palsy?

    If it does not go away with time, prisms in glasses are used to alleviate double vision. Botox injected directly into the antagonist muscle (the medial rectus on the side of the sixth nerve palsy) will help and last for three months. Surgery to tighten the week muscle and weaken its antagonist will be a more permanent partial or complete solution. You need to be followed by a pediatric or Neuro-ophthalmologist to make these decisions with you. READ MORE

  • What is wrong with my eyelid?

    It could be mechanical ie from contact lens wear, myogenic, ie a weak muscle from birth or an acquired eye muscle disease such as myasthenia gravis, or neurologic, if it is accompanied by alterations in the movement of the eye and the pupil. READ MORE

  • What is the best medicine for glaucoma?

    There is no best medicine. One needs to use the medication(s) available that keeps the intraocular pressure in the normal or low normal range. Conventional Ophthalmologists have only the use of drops to lower the pressure and surgical techniques to keep the pressure down. While there are non-conventional techniques using supplements, etc, none are well tested. READ MORE

  • What causes blurred vision?

    There are many many causes, which are basically what Ophthalmology is all about. It could be a refractive error (the need for glasses), an abnormality of the cornea, the front of the eye, inflammation, infection, tear problems, retinal or optic nerve disease. READ MORE

  • What are the treatment options for high eye pressure?

    Drops to lower the pressure; exercise 30 min five days a week and regular visits to an Ophthalmologist. READ MORE

  • What is strabismus surgery?

    Surgery on the extraocular muscles which move the eyes to better align the eyes. Your ophthalmologist should be answering this question and if (s)he is not, find another one immediately. READ MORE

  • What are the symptoms of a torn retina?

    There is NO PAIN. A curtain falling or rising over the vision, flashes and floaters are symptoms READ MORE

  • What are the risks with iris-implant procedures?

    Yes, serious inflammation, blindness and permanent scarring of the pupil and perhaps glaucoma as well, a potentially blinding disease. READ MORE

  • Is it possible to remove an eye freckle?

    If it lies on the sclera, then removing it means cutting a hole in the eye. No, that cannot be done. READ MORE

  • Can antibiotic eye drops treat corneal injury?

    The antibiotic drop does not help the injury heal. Your body heals the injury. The antibiotic is to prevent infection which might occur due to a breach in the eye's defense mechanism. READ MORE

  • Can kids have astigmatism?

    Yes at any age READ MORE

  • What can cause vessel damage to the eyes?

    Rubbing the eyes, straining in the bathroom; coughing a lot, sneezing a lot or just spontaneously. READ MORE

  • What is a visual field test?

    He is placed in a machine with a large bowl in front of him. He is instructed to stare at a red light. White lights are randomly shone, one at a time in various places on the bowl and he must press a button when he sees a light without looking anywhere else but the central red dot. READ MORE

  • Cryotherapy or laser treatment for retinal tears?

    That is a decision of the doctor. The patient really does not make this choice because the decision depends on the place of the tear and the size. READ MORE

  • Should I take blood pressure medicine with glaucoma?

    Yes. There is no problem. READ MORE

  • What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis?

    Probably not related to campfire smole a week ago. Likey viral conjuvtivitis or dry eye or allergy. I would seek a professional consultation if it persists. READ MORE

  • What is enlarged optic nerve in children?

    It may be an anomaly of the optic nerve, i.e., something he was born with. I would definitely seek the opinion of a neuro-ophthalmologist as it could be true optic nerve swelling, which mandates imaging. READ MORE

  • What should I be doing for eye injury?

    There are many possible complications of blunt injuries to the eye, including blood inside the eye, optic nerve damage, retinal detachment, blindness, etc. You need to see a doctor. Go to an emergency room without your family but you need to be examined by an Ophthalmologist READ MORE

  • Can macular degeneration cause blindness?

    You can lose the ability to see fine print, i.e., reading small print, signs, etc., but rarely does one go completely blind. READ MORE

  • Can coughing cause blurred vision?

    If the coughing is bad enough, hemorrhage can occur in the eye. He should see an ophthalmologist. READ MORE

  • Who performs an ophthalmic pathology evaluation?

    An Ophthalmologist fellowship trained in Ophthalmic Pathology. They are mostly located at Academic Teaching Centers READ MORE

  • Is laser treatment needed after a torn retina?

    Yes. Usually that is what is done unless there is already a retinal detachment in which case more extensive surgery is performed READ MORE

  • What causes double vision?

    There are many many reasons for double vision. It depends on whether or not it is vertical horizontal, gone when either eye is closed or not and how often it occurs and other accompanying symptoms, such as pain, a drooped eye lid, etc. You should see an Ophthalmologist to discuss it and be examined. READ MORE

  • Why is my eyelid twitching?

    Sometimes too much stress, caffeine and not enough sleep will conspire to cause upper lid twitching; as long as it is not continuous and does not involve the rest of the face, it is of no real consequence. READ MORE

  • Are eyeglasses better than contact lenses?

    Neither is better than the other; it depends on whether or not your eyes can take contact lens, which may not work if you have dry eyes. Both give excellent vision. READ MORE

  • When should I get laser eye treatment?

    This age is fine. But you are probably near sighted, i.e, you cannot see far without glasses. If this is incorrect then LASIK surgery may not be for you. READ MORE

  • What causes eye sensitivity to light in children?

    Does he suffer migraine headaches? Is he very light eyed in color? He may have an ocular misalignment. In Europe, this is called "squint" because of the frequent squinting in bright light. There is no harm in bringing him to an Ophthalmologist for a look. READ MORE

  • Do computer screens worsen one's eyesight?

    Computer screens don't cause visual pathology. You should, however, refrain from using computer screens after 8PM or make sure you have a blue light filter on (and this goes for your cellphone as well) since blue light disrupts circadian rhythms and can lead to poor sleep. READ MORE

  • Wide angle glaucoma?

    Far too complex a question to answer here. A drop in visual acuity, visual field, color perception or both. These are not the names of drops used in the US but I can hazard a guess as to what they are. They do not normally cause loss of vision. I would consult an Ophthalmologist. READ MORE

  • Will I be given antibiotics during my retina surgery?

    Typically, post operative antibiotic drops are used. Not oral antibiotics. I would ask your surgeon for more details READ MORE

  • Can optometrists treat glaucoma, or should I go to an ophthalmologist?

    I am biased, being a Neuro-ophthalmologist. I would seek the attention of a general Ophthalmologist and follow up visual field and intraocular pressure testing (and optical coherence tomographic scans should also be done at least twice yearly if not 3 times a year) possibly could be done by a good Optometrist but I would at least see an MD once a year. If progression continues, you should seek a glaucoma specialist (also an MD) READ MORE

  • Can anything be done for eyelid spasms?

    Stop caffeinated beverages, lower your stress and get a good night's sleep. If none of these are any issues, you may have a neurologic cause and should seek the consultation of a Neuro-ophthalmologist READ MORE

  • Can glaucoma cause blindness?

    Only if it progresses untreated or is difficult to treat. Loss of peripheral visual field occurs first over many years then central vision is lost, again, if untreated or if a particularly aggressive treatment resistant form is taking over. READ MORE

  • Are headaches and vision issues a sign of a neurological issue?

    Absolutely true. But don't go to a neurologist for blurred vision as their training in Neurological Ophthalmic issues is usually quite poor. See an Ophthalmologist, preferably a neuro-ophthalmologist as they can address these issues in great detail and make a referral to a neurologist if necessary. READ MORE

  • What will a retina consultation examine?

    Your pupils are dilated often before you see the MD and a detailed photograph, exam, optical coherence tomogram and possible fluorescein angiogram are done. The latter is an IV injection of a vegetable dye that will traverse the arteries and veins of the retina while a technician takes rapid "fire" black and white photos of the retinal vascular tree looking at how the dye traverses the vessels and retina. He or she formulates a diagnosis and sends a letter to your eye doc about the findings and recommendations READ MORE

  • Will I need a retina surgery consultation?

    That depends on the findings. First, see a general ophthalmologist who will determine the cause of sudden visual loss. If it is due to optic nerve disease, you should be referred to a neuro-ophthalmologist ASAP. If the cause is retinal, to a retinal specialist, etc. READ MORE

  • How do allergies cause pink eye?

    The term "Pink Eye" is a nonspecific layperson's term for anything that causes a red eye. It most commonly refers to a viral conjunctivitis, that is a viral infection of the conjunctiva, the pink tissue lining the inside of the lids and covering the surface of the eyeball. The term can also refer to ANYTHING that makes the eye "pink" or "red" which is a manifestation of dilated veins on the white part of the eye. This could be viral, bacterial or allergic READ MORE

  • How does astigmatism affect vision?

    Astigmatism is a concept referring to the curvature of the center of the cornea, the window of the eye. Instead of being spherical, it is egg shaped, or elliptical. This is an exaggeration but it gives meaning to the definition. It is not serious, not a disease, affects millions of people and can be corrected if it causes blurred vision by glasses or contact lens'. READ MORE

  • What is the cause of eye twitching?

    Something as simple as too much stress, caffeine, not enough sleep or all of these. If it persists it could be part of a facial spasm and you should consult an Ophthalmologist or preferrably, a Neuro-ophthalmologist READ MORE

  • What causes blood vessels to burst in the eye?

    Straining to go to the bathroom, excessive coughing, or it can occur spontaneously or rubbing the eyes while sleeping. It is harmless, however. READ MORE

  • What is normal eye pressure?

    Elevated intraocular pressure may lead to glaucoma and needs to be followed closely. Exercising vigorously 30 minutes, 5-6 days a week can lower the pressure 4-5mmHg (millimeter of mercury, the unit of measurement used). Drops prescribed by an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist in some states can also lower the pressure. The decision is up to the eye care professional whether or not you need them. READ MORE

  • Can children have laser eye surgery?

    No this surgery cannot be performed in eyes whose refractive error (I assume myopia in the case of your youngster) will change as they grow. The laser surgery has to be done after they are 22-24 or so. READ MORE


  • Westchester Med Ctr, Ophthalmology; St Elizabeth'S Med Ctr, Internal Medicine  

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